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Why Nishan Haider is the biggest award ?


Nishan Haider is the biggest award in Pakistan


1. Nishan Haider is the biggest award in Pakistan's 4 Gallantry Awards for Bravery.

2. Symbol Haider Precious metals are made not by gold but by Gunmetal, ie snatched from the enemy during a war or battle (arms or weapons) or a weapon which the enemy has left and fled in cowardice. Because considering it a symbol of victory, every decoration on the chest becomes a symbol of pride.


Nishan Haider is the biggest award in Pakistan

3. The sign of Haider literally means (symbol of the lion) because Haider literally means lion. And this is also the speech of Hazrat Ali.

4. Nishan Haider was first issued on March 16, 1957. Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed, who was martyred for his bravery in the first Pak-India war of 1948 fought for occupied Kashmir, was nominated for the award.


5. This award has been given to 11 soldiers of the Army so far out of which 7 are officers and the remaining four are non-officers. And only one of them is an officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed from Pakistan Air Force

6. Later, Hilal Kashmir was also recognized as an award equal to Nishan Haider. Which was awarded to Naik Saif Ali Janjua in 1949.

7. This award cannot be given to any civilian person except any army or army.

However, he belongs to any type of army or officer (land, navy, air force).

8. This is the only award the recipient cannot receive in his life. For this he has to sacrifice his life. He also showed extraordinary feats on a major battlefield.

9. Nishan Haider is made in Lahore, the only mint in Pakistan (Pakistan Mint) where Pakistani coins are minted.

It uses 88% copper, 2% zinc, and 10% tons.

10 It is made only on the orders of the Department of Defense. And it only produces one medal at a time. Additional medals are not produced in advance at all. It is a crime to copy it or make this medal yourself. Which is punished and fined by the government of Pakistan.

11. In addition to this symbolic medal, the families of the martyrs who receive this award are given extraordinary social, political, and financial benefits, as well as cash prizes, pensions, and agricultural land.

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