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When did Pakistan become independent?


How did the largest Islamic country come into being?


When did Pakistan become independent?


The Muslim League, founded by the Tehreek-e-Muslim League of Pakistan, was founded in 1906. It has three periods of its life. In the first period, it strives to celebrate the separate nationalism of the Muslims. An agreement was reached between them which is known as the Lucknow Charter.


In the second round, the PML-N is not trying to reach an agreement with the Congress in which there is no threat to the separate national rights of the Muslims. It will be a disappointment. Raised and she entered the third phase of her life. The resolution of the independent government was passed in the meeting of the Muslim League in Lahore on March 23, 1940. At that time, the Islamic State changed course and the Muslims abandoned the idea of ​​forming a coalition government. The struggle for government began with a clear vision for the Muslims. Quaid-e-Azam was a pioneer of the movement whose sincerity testified to Tibet and his determination. In a short time, the British became convinced that This movement was the first milestone of Pakistan's success. Now the government and the Congress are happy to somehow persuade the Muslim League to stop the partition.


Quaid-e-Azam was the lone spokesman for the Muslims. He did not say every time that Muslims do not want to be deprived of any legitimate right in any way. God has given them permanent national status. Divide this country into two parts. There should be a majority and in the other all the rights of non-Muslim minorities should be fully protected. In the end, it was decided that the elections to the Legislative Assembly should be held anew and the delegates should go as per their wishes. The future system of the country should be decided. The purpose of the elections was to clarify the real nature of the influence of the Congress and the Muslim League, but in the police elections, the majority of Muslim seats were taken over by the League and most of the non-Muslim seats. The Congress would take over. Ten percent of these representatives were to be elected to the Constituent Assembly.


The total number of seats for non-Muslims was 210 out of which 211 were given to the Congress. The total number of seats for Muslims was 78. Seventy-three of them came under the auspices of the League. The source said that no third party could be considered worthy of attention. When it became clear that the Muslim League would not agree except for the partition of the country, the opponents raised the temptation to separate the large number of Islamic non-Muslims in Punjab and Bengal. The government accepted this demand to be included in India. In fact, it wanted to stop the partition. Now the Muslim League had two options. One is to abandon the demand for partition and agree to form a coalition government. Could have been liberated but after deliberation took another route so according to it the government announced the partition of the country on 3rd June and on 14th August 1947 the term of the Congress government came to an end. And in place of United India, two independent governments came into being, one Pakistan and the other India.


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