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The Prime Minister congratulates


The Prime Minister congratulates Ibrahim Raisi on his victory in the Iranian presidential election



Pak-Iran is committed to further strengthening fraternal relations, and hopes to work together for regional, peace, development and prosperity. Prime Minister Imran Khan's tweet.


The Prime Minister congratulates Ibrahim Raisi on his victory in the Iranian presidential election

Prime Minister Imran Khan has congratulated the newly elected President of Iran, Ibrahim Raeisi, and said that he was committed to further strengthening fraternal relations and hoped to work together for regional, peace and development and prosperity. In his message on Twitter, he congratulated Ibrahim Raeesi on his victory in the Iranian presidential election and said, "I heartily congratulate His Excellency Brother Ibrahim Raeesi on his historic victory in the thirteenth presidential election of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

I look forward to working with them to further enhance fraternal relations, regional peace, development and prosperity between the two countries.

It is clear that the announcement of the official results of the Iranian presidential election is a little late, but according to unofficial results, the presidential candidate Ibrahim Raisi has won by defeating the other three candidates.


According to a foreign news agency, the other three presidential candidates also congratulated Ibrahim Raisi on his election as President of Iran. Outgoing moderate President Hassan Rouhani, without naming Ibrahim Raisi, said, "I congratulate the people on their choice." He added that his official congratulatory message would be released later, but we know that Who got enough votes in the election and who was elected by the people today.

Votes were counted overnight and no official results or turnout figures were released by authorities. It is believed that Iran's Guardian Council had excluded former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from the presidential race. "I do not want to take part in this sin," he said in a video message. "Final figures on turnout in the presidential election are yet to come. However, according to Iranian media, a total of 60 million voters have cast their ballots." Were eligible to vote.

Iran's 12-member Guardian Council has banned hundreds of candidates, including reformists and those allied with Hassan Rouhani. Earlier, state-run polls and analysts said 60-year-old conservative Ibrahim Raisi was the undisputed candidate. Were watching Hamid Raza, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Diplo House think tank, had expressed hope that Ibrahim Raeesi would win the election.

Ibrahim Raeisi, 60, has held key positions since the Iranian revolution and was appointed prosecutor in Hamedan province at the tender age of 20, after which he was soon promoted to deputy prosecutor. Opponents accuse him. That he played a key role in the genocide in 1988 while he denies the allegations. In addition, Ibrahim Raeesi continued to move forward successfully at various stages and in 2019 became the head of the judiciary.

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