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Story An instructive essay




An instructive essay


The three student boys of the school gave some money to the janitor of the school and said that during the holidays one of the girls should be stopped in any way.

The greedy janitor took the money and as soon as he left, he seated a girl at the gate.

When the girl's father came outside to pick her up, the watchman said that her daughter was gone

When the father left, the watchman told him, "Your father will come. Don't get tense and sit in the classroom. When someone comes, I will inform you."

The girl went to class in a state of anxiety and waited, then the janitor secretly locked the door of the room.

done _

Then the three boys, the priests of lust, came. First one of them went and raped her, then the other one too.

But when the third boy came in to quench his thirst with the young girl, he saw the girl in front of him and stopped breathing and became as still as a rock.

Do you know why ????

Because that girl was the sister of that third boy !!

This is the end of lust


Listen to those who tarnish people's sisters and daughters! One day it will be the same with your sisters and daughters because it is a debt that has to be repaid.

According to Imam Shafi'i

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