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Specialized Healthcare & Medical Department of Education Jobs 2021

 Specialized Healthcare & Medical Department of Education Jobs 2021

Vacancies in specialized departments of health care and medical education for 2021

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On this page, you will get vacancies in Baluchistan in 2021 in the profile department of health and education. We find this career notice in the Daily Express dated July 9, 2021. Working in Baluchistan should not miss out on this career opportunity.

Balochistan Specialized Department of Health and Medical Education Job Advertising Latest News

 Posted: Jul 9, 2021

 Location: Baluchistan, Quetta

 Education: bachelor, secondary, literate, master, mathematics, master, primary

 Last date: July 27, 2021

 Company: Balochistan Specialized Department of Health and Medical Education

 Address: Division Officer, 2nd Floor, Block 6, Specialized Department of Health and Medical Education, Balochistan Civic Secretariat, Quetta.


Jobs will open in the Balochistan Specialized Health and Medical Education Department in 2021 for CFO (BPS-18), Administrative Officer (BPS-17), Human Resources Manager (BPS-17), Purchasing Manager (BPS-17), Assistant Engineer -builder (BPS). -17), pharmacist (BPS-17), ICT manager (BPS-17), database administrator (BPS-17), web developer / designer (BPS-17), system and network administrator (BPS-17), junior HVAC engineer (BPS-14), junior electrical engineer (BPS-14), secretary (BPS-14), accountant (BPS-14), office assistant (BPS-14), computer operator (BPS-12), Administrator (BPS-12), Recorder (BPS-12), Audiovisual Technician (BPS-11), Video Surveillance Specialist (BPS-12), Warehouse Keeper (BPS-09), Inventory Assistant (BPS-09), Software Technician air conditioning / HVAC (BPS-09), medical gas technician (BPS-09), photographer (BS-07), telephone operator (BS-07), medical worker (BS-07), oxygen plant operator (BS-07), incinerator operator (BS-07)), courier (BS-04), plumber (BS-04), elevator operator (BS-04), cook (BS-04), pipeline operator or (BS-02), Naib Kasid ( BS-02), Aya (BS-02), Waiters (BS-02), Mali (BS-02) and Tailor (BS-02).

Stakeholders who wish to call on recruits to fill these positions must meet the qualifications and knowledge requirements for the position. Generally, candidates with qualifications such as elementary, intermediate, matriculation, intermediate, bachelor, master, CA, ACMA, MBA and MS with relevant work experience can apply for these vacancies. Please use only suitable people. Applicants can obtain detailed criteria for a specified position from the vacancy announcement posted below.

Vacant positions:

AC / HVAC Technician (BPS-09)

Accountant (BPS-14)

Administrator (BPS-17)

Assistant Civil Engineer (BPS-17)

Audiovisual Technician (BPS-11)

Aya (BS-02)

Video surveillance technician (BPS-12)

Medical Worker (BS-07)

Computer operator (BPS-12)

Chef (BS-04)

Database administrator (BPS-17)

Financial Director (BPS-18)

Dispatch rider (BS-04)

Electrical Engineer (BPS-14)

Incinerator Operator (BS-07)

Inventory Assistant (BPS-09)

Elevator (BS-04)

Mali (BS-02)

HR Manager (BPS-17)

ICT manager (BPS-17)

Purchasing Manager (BPS-17)

Medical Gas Technician (BPS-09)

Naib Kasid (BS-02)

Office Assistant (BPS-14)

Office Secretary (BPS-14)

Oxygen Plant Operator (BS-07)

Pharmacist (BPS-17)

Photographer (BS-07)

Plumber (BS-04)

Registrar (BPS-12)

Keeper of Records (BPS-12)

Store keeper (BPS-09)

Junior Engineer OVK (BPS-14)

System and Network Administrator (BPS-17)

Tailor (BS-02)

Telephone operator (BS-07)

Pipeline operator (BS-02)

Waiters (BS-02)

Web Developer / Designer (BPS-17)


How to apply?

Interested parties can send their applications with certified copies of documents to the Head of Department, 2nd Floor, Block 6, Office of Specialized Health and Medical Education, Balochistan Civil Secretariat, Quetta.

Applications must be delivered to the indicated address by July 27, 2021.

Applications must contain complete documents and knowledge.

Only selected candidates will be involved in the subsequent recruitment process.

Specialized Healthcare & Medical Department of Education Jobs 2021

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