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Remove Background from Image remove.bg | Image background removal jobs online


Remove Background from Image remove.bg | Image background removal jobs online

Empowering visual AI for everyone

Our mission


We empower vast numbers of people and organizations from around the world to accelerate their workflows and unleash their imaginations with promising visual AI devices.

Removing the background of a photo

Remove video background

100 million +

HA extracted / month

15 M +

Monthly Clients

Our main goal


Human thinking for everyone

By simplifying tangled technologies, we aim to empower everyone to benefit from new advances in Visual AI, from people to organizations, all things being equal.

We put together the remove.bg file to simplify and speed up workflows, develop imagination, return to photography, and plan and empower others to create objects from the age of artificial intelligence.

Our point of view


We help our clients to update their thoughts

As a business solution for mechanized foundation evacuation, remove.bg and Unscreen will take care of the hassle that kept creatives out of work. With our visual AI devices, we empower creators with exceptional skill, help experts around the world do inventive work that truly satisfies them, and engage engineers in creating the applications and structures of the future.

Our products


Modern AI mechanisms have become simpler

The expulsion from the Foundation - whether photographs or recordings - is a fundamental step forward in a cycle of change that took several hours to complete until 2018. With remove.bg and Unscreen, we've drastically reduced that chance to seconds while continuing to deliver shocking results for each of our clients.

Ever since we shipped our products, our mission to improve their exposure with the latest artificial intelligence technologies has been relentless, mainly because we have to ensure that everyone gets exceptional results with every image or video produced.

Rapid advance along the lane

Kaleido joins the Canva family


2021 g.

Unscreen Pro: Overlay Full HD Video


Arrival of quality X2


New Android app


Unscreen: remove video background


2020 g.

Support for all close-up photos


The app is available for Windows / Mac / Linux


Back up car photos

Photoshop extension available


Product photos support

Programming interface, higher resolution and premium plans

December 2019

Revealed by TechCrunch, Forbes and DigitalTrends

Product of the month # 1 on Product Hunt


Dispatch remove.bg

October 2018

Innovative work to create visual artificial intelligence technologies with low obstacles

Promote your shopper's brand using colorful and fun photo channels.

Our first brilliant photo channel is used by a huge number of clients.

2015 g.


Benjamin Grössing


David Funhauser

Technical Director

Alexander Brix

Chief operating officer

Jacob Kolar

Head of User Experience Department

Petya Maximova

Head of Sales Department

Peter Topfer

Customer support and data administrator

Michal Juica

Account Manager

Andreas Braumann

Programming developer

Tanya Zinkl

Ability acquisition and HR manager

Kasia Sobanskaya

Customer Service Agent

Felix Mayerhofer

Programming developer

Jerome Nicolau

Programming developer

The buckthorn years

Realistic and multimedia designer

Rene Koller

Programming developer

Erica Diskantsova

Executive Director of Customer Relations

Antonia Sterian

Content manager

Bernhard Holzer


Victoria Perak

Customer Service Agent

Lea Strandjgar

Office Manager

Lingcong Zhao

Computer vision engineer

Stefan Sietzen

Deep Learning Engineer

Alexander Graf

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Erfan Ebrahimnia

Senior Front End Developer

Thomas Picheneder

Information labeling quality specialist

Stephanie Deutsch

Information labeling quality specialist


We are recruiting

Located in Vienna

We are a worldwide group operating in 3 different time regions around the world. We settled in the beautiful center of Vienna, the most sublime city in terms of nature and a place where there are several elite colleges, outstanding personalities and, of course, schnitzel.

Worked for the world

Our products are built for the Internet without borders. We plan events that will be appreciated by people with a huge number of foundations, and we are glad that they are used by a large number of clients from America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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