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Pakistan Army Ordnance Depot Gujranwala Cantt Latest jobs 2020 - 17 Latest jobs Announced

Pakistan Army Ordnance Depot Gujranwala Cantt Latest jobs 2020 - Latest jobs in Gujranwala , Punjab

Pakistan Army Ordnance Depot Gujranwala Cantt Announced Latest jobs 2020 for Different Posts.The Candidate can apply due to 21 September 2020.

Announced Positions:

1:03 LDC BPS-09
2:01 Storeman BPS-07
3:01 Civil operator cum Lineman BPS-07
4:01 Fitter BPS-03
5:02 Searcher BPS-02
6:08 UMS BPS-01


For more information you can visit advertisement in THE NATION newspaper 6 September 2020


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