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Pak-Saudi Relations


Pak-Saudi relations

Mumtaz Saleem Lingah 

Pak-Saudi relations

Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the four major states in the region, are very close to each other on religious, historical and cultural grounds, so over time, the growing gulf between some countries has doubled Pakistan's importance. There is no denying that Pakistan has given its full support in every era to bring not only Saudi Arabia but also many other countries out of isolation and restore its status in the region.

Instead of leading wars in the region, Saudi Arabia wants Pakistan's cooperation instead of Muscat and Doha to play an active role in peacefully restoring Iran's and Afghanistan's infrastructure as it seeks to change the structure of its economy in the future. It wants to divert its dependence on oil revenues by looking for different markets and Pakistan is a potential business market with a population of 230 million.


Relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have fluctuated over time. It should be noted that when India changed the constitutional status of Kashmir under its administration in 2019, Saudi Arabia did not support Pakistan in such a way. As was traditionally expected, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi slammed Saudi Arabia for not convening an OIC meeting on Kashmir, calling for the Indian Foreign Minister to be summoned to the UAE. He also boycotted the meeting of foreign ministers of the countries.

Another major reason for Pakistan's need or importance is the Saudi government's plan to increase industrial production and thereby improve the economy, under which it is investing in the port of Gwadar keeping in view its financial interests. Countries like Saudi Arabia It is time to ensure speedy implementation of the reforms that Pakistan has to introduce to attract investment by including C-Pack in the C-Pack, so keep the general relations positive and continue the process of reforms for foreign investment. To go


 Pakistan has a political and strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia as well as a cultural relationship. In such a situation, it is time for Federal Minister for Information, Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry to emphasize the need to enhance cultural ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia should provide legitimate opportunities to Pakistani experts and workers in its Vision 2030 plans as millions of workers lose their jobs and return home due to falling oil prices and lack of economic growth opportunities in Arab countries. Provide


The alarming rise in terrorism around the world in recent years is alarming, a threat that no one in the world's most powerful state can deal with on its own. Ballistic missiles against key installations and civilians on Saudi soil And while drone strikes are less to be condemned, there are also threats to the stability of oil exports and energy supply. In these difficult times, Shah Salman certainly deserves congratulations on the success and positive decisions of the G20 summits.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are key pillars of this alliance against terrorism as both countries have extensive experience in maintaining peace and stability, combating terrorism and disposing of it. It should also be noted that the fight against extremism and terrorism Saudi Arabia is interested in Pakistan's long-term economic development. This promising moment of cordial relations is taking place amidst favorable changes in regional geopolitics on various fronts. Achievements have been made, especially the choice of Gwadar for such an investment, indicating Saudi interest in the broader regional network, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.


With the new commitment of Shah Salman and Prime Minister Imran Khan to promote mutual cooperation, the announcement of the launch of the "Saudi-Pakistan Supreme Court Ordinance Council" will have far-reaching consequences. At the invitation of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the recent three-day visit to Saudi Arabia has attracted international attention. In the light of Vision 2030, the two sides discussed possible investment opportunities, economic development, ways to enhance trade relations. Expressing satisfaction over the existing cooperation in bilateral military and security relations, Shah Salman assured full support to Imran Khan for transforming Pakistan into a developed welfare state.


Imran Khan's visit to Saudi Arabia will certainly be a prelude to improving relations with Saudi Arabia's Moscow, Tehran and other rival countries seeking to play an active role in Afghanistan's reconstruction.


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