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Note:Railway Accidents


Railway accidents, causes and prevention


Rahmat Khan Wardak


The reason for the unresolved issues despite the frequent accidents of the railways is beyond comprehension. The railways also come into transport and there has never been a railway minister here who has to do with transport and who can understand matters closely. Shell company's oil tanker crashed in Pur Sharqiya.

Railway accidents, causes and prevention

No one can stop the accidents but the tragedies can be prevented. After the oil tanker overturned in Ahmadpur Sharqia, it was announced in the mosques that the petrol tanker has overturned. Collect all the petrol. Immediately after the accident, police and The administration completely sealed off the area to prevent further damage, but a patrol police vehicle was also burnt and hundreds were killed. Shell Pakistan was not to blame for the accident, but the incompetence of the administration and police to hide. OGRA imposed a fine of crores of rupees on Shell Pakistan Limited for this.

I was also present in this meeting in which OGRA officials MD Shell and MD PSO were also present in the office of the Secretary Petroleum and I declared Shell Pakistan Limited to be completely innocent and the fine was totally wrong but Shell Pakistan Limited was made a scapegoat to save many lives here even though Shell Pakistan Limited has a huge investment in Pakistan.


My repeated writing must have had such an effect that now if there is an accident of an oil tanker, the administration and the police seal the place so that the accident does not turn into a tragedy. Now it is also news that the experts have declared the track very rotten. It has been suggested to repair it immediately but no one has inquired about the loss of human lives till date and no one has been punished. That is why freight trains are being run with great courage. That is to say, freight cars should not be driven to save human lives, but the government is not caring for the lives of industrialists and now for the benefit of China, and heavy vehicles should be driven for the financial benefit of industrialists and China. Have been

If there are OGRA and National Highway laws on oil tankers and goods transport, then there should be a law for railways as well. How much weight will it be safe to run a train on such a dilapidated and old track? Didn't think about it because they didn't belong to the transport sector. If China wants to benefit, it should install a new track for freight cars and run freight cars on it.

Trains from Karachi to Khanewal also need to be repaired on an emergency basis for passenger trains.

Gates are not installed in many places on the railway tracks in Pakistan and even where there are gates, many precious lives have been lost due to non-closure of gates during the passage of the train but this negligence has not ended yet. Gates should be installed immediately on railway tracks across the country where there is a need and the nation should be informed as to what departmental action has been taken so far against those responsible for not closing the gates. ۔

Strict searches are required at all railway stations to prevent train fires. It is generally observed that a series of rigorous searches were started immediately after serious accidents but later reverted to traditional negligence. There is a danger of more serious accidents in the future, God willing, and the lives of the common man can be saved only by holding accountable those who are criminally negligent in this regard.

Many serious accidents have taken place due to the negligence of the fork changers for changing the tracks of the trains, which has resulted in loss of hundreds of precious lives and accidents are still taking place due to derailment. Accident of June 7, 2021. It is also the result of similar negligence which led to the collision of trains. Not closing it despite having a gate, non-availability of strict search system at railway stations, negligence in changing of forks, collision of trains. There is negligence on the part of the staff, these crimes are irreparable and if murder cases were registered against those responsible for these shortcomings, these shortcomings would have stopped but here the nation is aware of the action against those responsible for any train accident. Not done and after the new accident one more accident is awaited after the traditional oral deposit expense.


Ever since the present government came in 2018, freight trains have been running on the very old and dilapidated railway track and it is claimed that we have turned the loss of railways into profit even though in reality the ministers of this government are Sheikh Rashid and Azam. Swati has dis-balanced the railway track by operating heavy freight trains, which has led to daily derailments under the present government.

New and weight-bearing tracks are installed for freight trains around the world, otherwise freight trains are discouraged, but here heavy-duty freight trains run on British-era railway tracks to derail trains. The incidents of derailment of trains have increased during the tenure of the same government. In order to prevent these accidents, freight trains should be stopped immediately before the completion of ML-1 and Sheikh Rashid These deaths should be accounted to Prime Minister Swati as Prime Minister Imran Khan has in the past always blamed the railway ministers for the railway accidents and demanded their immediate resignation.

The present government should To prevent further railway accidents, the Railway Ministers should be questioned and the Prime Minister should directly announce the closure of freight trains till the installation of ML-1 and the installation of gates across the country should be completed as soon as possible. The causes are then traced and an attempt is made to ensure that this mistake is never repeated in the future, but there are frequent railway accidents and precious human lives are lost for the same reasons. The nation is fooled by the promise of condolences and action.



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