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News of a shocking event


A shocking event


Well, there are many accidents in human life, but there are some accidents that we will never forget.

A similar heartbreaking accident happened to a woman in our neighborhood.

may peace be upon you!

About 25 years ago today, a family moved from a village to a neighborhood in a small town. The couple and their four children, two sons and two daughters, had a house on the same night they came to live. And when the son was born they were all very happy. The people of the neighborhood had no idea who they were or where they came from. The next day a woman from the house next to them went to their house to talk and find out. I went to their house to find out who they are and where they came from. They found out that a new guest has also come. They all congratulated them and introduced themselves to them and also asked them where they are from and so on and so forth.

Then the series went on like this. The woman was very kind and cheerful.

Within a few months, the two women became very good friends and became like sisters.

One was named Jamila and the other Rukhsana.

Rukhsana's husband was in England. He was also a very good man. He was constantly trying to get visas for his children so that they could all get visas and he could take his family with him. None of them were getting visas because their father was too old.

The visa holders thought that this servant was lying that they were his children. Well, all this had to happen. Let's move on to the real thing.

It so happened that Rukhsana Begum was pregnant again because her baby was just two or three months old so she did not want to have another baby. Rukhsana contacted a midwife without telling anyone and without consulting any doctor and He was asked to come up with a solution.

What was to happen then? If any step is taken in ignorance, the result will be bad.

He did not even tell Jamila that she was seeking treatment from anyone. Similarly, as the days passed, Rukhsana thought that she would be successful, but one day her condition worsened and she was taken to the hospital by her husband. Her youngest daughter came and informed Jamila that her mother was very ill and Abu had taken her to the hospital. Jamila thought that maybe Rukhsana would have a fever so she would have gone to the hospital but she did not know the real reason. What is it.

About an hour later, the news came that Rukhsana was no more.

Rukhsana said that as soon as the world of children was ruined, doomsday fell on them. All the children were crying a lot. Soon the news spread that Rukhsana was no more in this world.

Her youngest son, who was only ten months old, had not yet learned to say mother and his mother left him.

Only those who do not have a mother can understand what happens to children whose mother leaves them at an early age.

May Allah give this woman a place in Paradise. Amen.

Even today, whenever her children come, they definitely go to her house to meet Jamila. Memories of her mother are attached to this neighborhood.

My advice to all women is that if you have any problem, feel free to tell the doctor so that you can avoid any accident.

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