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How to promote Fiverr Gigs 2021


                    How to promote Fiverr Gigs 2021

How to promote Fiverr Gigs 2021

Sibat-e-Hasan has been the fifth seller for several months. He is known for virtual support, social media marketing, and photo editing. Come see what impressed us and see the Fiverr success story!

Come in

"Hello friends!

I am Sibat-e-Hasan. I passed FSC at the Punjab Group Colleges in Multan. Then I decided on computer science. In the meantime, a friend recommended that I work as a freelancer. Although I was very young in this field, I decided to work hard and started working on different platforms. ""

"I didn't know how to work with Fiverr!"

"As an immature self-employed person, I didn't know how to start with Fiverr? I went to a lot of educational institutions to get my personal career started early. After constant struggles, I found one. By the way, I have other friends. Good," And an important career start. On stage. He made a lot of money. He made money. ""

“This is the essence of my hardworking teacher who has helped me a lot in solving all of these problems. He worked hard for me and was there when I needed help. ""

What inspired me Five success stories

He liked to learn from mistakes. I spent 18 hours on stage, which was initially insufficient for a new salesperson. Then I spent most of the time on Fiverr.

If day one is your opponent and day two is your opponent, never blame yourself for others.

“The most important thing in your job is how you feel about your job. When you start a business, you run into difficulties. My hard work and my teacher supported me. My teacher said. Success comes from experience, and experience comes from hard and honest work and bad experiences. If you don't find a positive job in a day, two, or three, you will think Day 4 is your Success Day and you will never forget how you got to your Success Day in the last three days. Tight working days. ... "

"My first order from Fiver"

“After five months of constant struggle, I got my first project on Fiverr. The moment I saw the first line of the to-do list, I left it for a month. Although I am familiar with the site, I really enjoyed working on this project. I also had to research additional information to find a meaningful logo that would best represent Fiverr. I chose the letter F, which is the first letter of the Fiverr name, and combined it with the benefits of Fiverr users such as flexibility, affordability, and quality features. ""

Another idea used in this work is Fever Gate. I love this campaign because it encourages people to take action. That's why I added the letters "door" as a "door" symbol to the logo to symbolize success in real action. ""

Secrets of my five success stories

I did a lot of research to optimize concerts.

10 buyer inquiries were sent daily.

I installed the Fiverr app to keep myself up to date.

I made attractive sketches.

Fiverr has joined the forum.

General functions on the Linkedin account.

Actually, I also worked.

In the end!

“I would like to thank my teacher and this forum again. Fiverr was the platform that guided me through my days of war. And something else for new friends who go this way. My advice to you: don't lose hope. So work consistently and decisively. One day you will fly in color! ""


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