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Since we are faced with an unprecedented situation where not traveling, many people lose their jobs and money, and also spend a lot of time indoors, we thought this was a great time to share how to make money online for newbies, for those who I want to earn extra money from home.


TEFL training

If you are a native English speaker, you can become a TEFL teacher.

You will need some sort of TEFL qualification to do this, you can go to online sites like Groupon has really great deals on cheap and affordable online courses, or you can compare the best TEFL courses where you can also learn to teach English online. ...

Now that you have this qualification that shouldn't take you too long - courses are usually 120-160 hours long, and if you are taking this course part-time, spending a few hours each evening, you probably do. ... in about two to three weeks. This is not a long qualification. This can be done fairly quickly. But once you get this qualification, you can apply to the company online.

After living in China and Thailand, these two destinations are two of the best places to teach English abroad, but be sure to compare salaries, cost of living and travel experience before applying for a job.

Many TEFL companies are looking for teachers, especially given the current situation in the world. Pay attention to companies like:



Dave's ESL Cafe (great place to find a job at TEFL)



It is a way to make extra money online by browsing websites. You can register for an account at usertesting.com and you will receive an email every time a test is available to you.

Basically, you go to a website, you are given a script, and you have to explain your thought process when using the website. It does not take a lot of time; 10-15 minutes, but your laptop should have a microphone or other microphone that picks up your speech.

The idea is that you fill out the scripts while simultaneously making your thoughts out loud, explaining how you feel about the look of the website, providing feedback on where the buttons are and whether you like it or not. Such things.

This is a really easy way to make extra money, especially when you are traveling and want something to give you that extra boost so you can get to your next destination.

Usually you get paid $ 10 for each website check.

Match Betting

Match betting is a great option for those who are interested in sports and have experience in online gambling.

It is a system that includes a sports exchange where you place more than one bet to minimize risk and make sure any losses are covered.

We wrote a blog post explaining this in detail here: Earnings Online: What Are Agreed Rates? Profit Accumulator Overview

Online surveys

It is not a way to make a lot of money, but it is a way to make a little extra money over time with very little difficulty.

There are many different websites that will pay you a small sum to answer various surveys about anything - your weekly supermarket, your electricity, your gardening thoughts; literally anything.

Here are some good sites to start with:



how to make money online for beginners

Online market trading

Another option is online market trading. There are some really good websites now that explain how to do this well.

eToro is probably one of the most popular. I don't have a stock market expert at all. There are ways to make money using the stock markets on the Internet to invest your own money in the market and control stocks for profit.

This option is more difficult than the others and takes some time to understand, but once you get the hang of the skills, you can make a lot of money using this option. What's more, you can use it from anywhere in the world, you can also get an app for your phone to help you.

Get-paid-to sites

I call them reward sites because there are many sites that pay you for certain actions. For example, you can earn a few pounds by signing up for a Netflix subscription, perhaps you earn pennies by ordering a free SIM card or completing a survey.

Swag bucks are a great website for this type of site - again, don't expect to make a ton of money, but spending an hour here or there can actually increase your income.


It's clear that we love blogging.

We started this blog in 2016 and have since launched two more (Theme Park 247 and That Bangkok Life - if you want to check them out!).

Blogging is a great way to share your experiences on a topic that interests you and make money from it. You can use advertisements on your site (such as the advertisements you see on this page), include affiliate links to earn commissions, and create your own products to sell. Blogging can be fun and exciting, but it also gives you the freedom from your normal 9-5 job.

how to make money online for beginners


My next option is Qmee.

Qmee is a company that will pay you to search on Google, Yahoo or Bing, you just need to download the Chrome extension in your browser and it will pay you every time you search for something.

Create a product

Then write and publish your own product.

It could be an e-book, a course, or even some kind of planner. If you're really good at what you think people are looking for, you can go to sites like Udemy and sell your courses.

Alternatively, you can write an e-book and / or self-publish it through Amazon. This is a really great way to earn extra income, especially if you already have an online audience of some sort. So if you are a blogger and have a lot of Instagram followers, this is a great way to attract those followers and sell them something they really value.

Another option is drop shipping, which this youtuber explains about below.


Clickworker is an online platform offering many different types of jobs. Most of them will be done by an administrator, so you can do them on your laptop at home. But the main thing is to do it quickly. People who post jobs on this website want to get the job done in a few days, so stay tuned for website updates and look for new opportunities.


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