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How did India become independent?


How did India become independent?


The British rule over India began with the Seventh Class War and in almost 90 years the whole country came under British rule. The secret of their success was that they kept stepping forward under the guise of indigenous rulers and never fought among themselves. He would become a supporter of one and eliminate the other and then keep his partner in love, but from the same time he started his efforts against the British rule.

The deeds of Mir Qasim Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan are evident to all. When the zeal of the freedom fighters in the hearts of the rulers, the people took a step forward. The sacrifices made by Syed Ahmad Shaheed and his comrades in this regard are a testament to our history. It is a very valuable asset. Thousands of people were martyred while fighting. Many people lost their faith and confiscated their properties. They spent their days in Sansan Islands. But by the time they left the British government, Syed Sahib's party was large or small. The jihad of Ain Fifty Seven was also for freedom in which both Muslims and Hindus took an active part, although the number of Muslims had greatly increased, so that the British had the greatest chance at the end. It was revealed to the Muslims and it is difficult to accurately estimate the loss of life and property they suffered. The Muslims had ruled here for a thousand years. Did they not have huge properties and valuable assets?

Where did they go? Who ate this wealth? No one scatter their wealth like grains of sand, but when it reached the ears of the Muslims to liberate the homeland, they disregarded everything and went to the field for the right duty. Even after anti-Seventh, they remained the most sincere in India as a nation. Their sacrifices were for the independence of the country. The Congress was founded in 1960 which did a lot for the independence of the country in the last period. The status of the Congress on the ground is a soulless one who was nothing but the truth. For 35 years, it only passed resolutions. Although the Muslims became only a quarter of the total population of the country, the people who became martyrs in the Khilafah and Turkish Mawalat movement

Eighty percent of them were Muslims, which shows how much zeal they had for freedom. Even after the Turkish Mawalat, there were many ups and downs in the path of independence movement. The arrow that came out of the bow could not be returned and the wind did not leave. The English left and the country's demands became more and more strong. The fact is that such a government is only one wind. This wind is imposed on the hearts. I don't even think about it, it becomes fun, then it seems that the eyes were suddenly opened from sleep, when the eyes were opened, they could not be closed again by any means, the British had to make a clear decision about the future, they knew that No one can stand guard over the population of crores. It was not anyone's business to stop the rising storm of independence. They set the date of independence and India became independent on 15th August 1947. Thus 2000 countries Pakistan and India came into existence. It was a rare occasion for Nussrah and happiness, but unfortunately in the last period, the affairs of Muslims and non-Muslims were settled What a pleasant situation it was when it did not happen and the morning of joy and happiness was stained with fire and blood stains.


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