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General knowledge about Army Chief of Pakistan

 general knowledge about Army Chief of Pakistan in English and Urdu

most important information about pakistan all Army Chief 

General knowledge about Army chiefs all pakistan (Commander-in-Chief C-N-C & Chief of Army Staff COAS) of Pakistan Army in Urdu & English languages.here you can read these all information about pakistan army chief staffs 

general knowledge about Army Chief of Pakistan in English
general knowledge about Army Chief of Pakistan 

Pakistani Army Pakistani Corps, Pakistani Fauje; it was declared the Pakistan Armed Forces ground service unit. Its modern existence dates back to the British Indian Army. The British Indian Army ceased to exist after the split of British India. This led to the adoption of an Act of Parliament according to which Pakistan (on behalf of the Dominion of Pakistan) was attributed to the United Kingdom. 14. Independent status. According to statistics provided by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in 2020, in August 1947, the Pakistani army had about 560,000 soldiers on active duty, supported by the pak Army Reserve and National Guard, effectively making it the sixth largest in the world. ... Peace According to the Pakistani Constitution, Pakistani citizens can perform compulsory military service from the age of 16, but cannot fight until the age of 18.

The main goal and constitutional mission of the Pakistani army is to ensure its national security and national unity, while protecting Pakistan from external aggression or military threats. The federal government can also require it to respond to internal threats by introducing security measures to maintain peace within its land borders. During natural disasters, domestic and international emergencies, he conducts humanitarian relief operations in the country and is actively involved in UN-sanctioned peacekeeping missions - most importantly, he must respond quickly to force (QRF) in rescue operations trapped in Gothic operations. soldiers played a key role in Snake in Somalia. During the war in Bosnia and Yugoslavia, the Pakistani army also had a relatively strong presence in the larger UN-NATO alliance.

The Pakistani Army is an important part of the Pakistani Army, Pakistani Navy, and Pakistani Air Force. It is a voluntary force. She waged three major wars with neighboring India. Since 1948 there have been several skirmishes on the border with Afghanistan. It fought with Iranian security forces during the uprising in Istluzhstan. Since the 1960s, during the Arab-Israeli war, the army has been deployed several times to advise Arab countries. As an aid to the coalition against Iraq in the first US-led Gulf War. In the global war on terrorism of the 21st century, Zarb-e-Azb, Black Storm and Rah-i-Nijat are other notable military operations.

It violated the provisions of the constitution, repeatedly overthrew the elected government and repealed its protected constitutional provisions to "assist the civil federal government when it is necessary". The military was involved in imposing martial law on the federal government. Requires the repeated dissolution of the government and parliament over the past few decades while safeguarding the country's broad commercial, foreign and political interests in order to restore law and order in the country. This led to his being accused of acting as a state within a state.

The Pakistan Army has a regiment system, but it is divided into operational areas and geographical areas. The main areas of activity are various weapons. The Pakistan Constitution provides for the role of the Pakistani President as the civilian commander of the Pakistani armed forces. The Pakistani Army is under the command of the Army Chief of Staff. According to the law, it is a four-star general appointed by the Pakistani Prime Minister and a senior member of the joint chiefs of staff, who is then appointed by the president. General Kamal Javid Bawa has been the current Chief of Staff of the Army since January 2021, who was appointed to this position on November 29, 2016.

pakistan Armed force Army ranks  positions and symbol of Pakistan 

pakistan Armed force Army ranks  positions and symbol of Pakistan
pakistan Armed force Army ranks  positions and symbol of Pakistan 

Pakistani armed force 

Pakistani armed force flag  Two Swords and One Moon and One Star 


Head of Staff of the Army 

Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 

Association and parts 

Pakistani armed force structure 

Boundary corps 

Pakistani officers 

Association of boundary works 

Hard work gathering 

Armed force Cantonment Council 

Pakistani Armored Corps 


General base 

Pakistan Military Academy 

Order and Staff College 

Public Defense University 


Armed force positions of Pakistan 

Serving Generals 



History and conventions 

Military history of Pakistan 

UN Peacekeeping Missions 

Pakistani Army FC 

Grants, adornments and identifications 

Grants and grants 


The positions of the Pakistani armed force are fundamentally founded on the position design of the British armed force, despite the fact that positions for different positions and symbol contrast. 

Pakistani armed force officials and sergeants in khaki garbs wear badge on their shoulders, and non-dispatched officials on their arms. In the CCD, all military work force wear their emblem on their chest.

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