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Do you know when and how the seventh continent came into being?


Do you know when and how the seventh continent came into being?


How does the world get the seventh continent? When we hear that America was discovered in the fifteenth century, we think that the name of the new continent would have reached the ears of the people first, then what would have been the condition of their hearts, but how strange it is that before our very eyes a The great thing is that its conditions are coming to light from the darkness and we are not particularly interested in this discovery but nothing can be said about how deeply this discovery will affect the general conditions of the world.

These seven major continents are the ones that surround the South Pole. The team sent to investigate it in the twentieth century estimates that it will be at least five million square miles in the continent. Europe's area is only 3.5 million square miles, as if it would be the fourth largest after the Great Test or the United States and Africa. It is also possible that if all parts of it were to be traced, it would turn out to be more than five million square miles. The United States mapped out just 460,000 square miles of land. Giving this all a quick read, it seems we are pretty much in agreement that the snow is gone for millions of miles. The snow-capped mountain range is hundreds of miles long. Like the North, there is a six-month day and a six-month night when the day When the calamity occurs, a slight darkness appears that the day has passed and now the night is coming and when night falls, the slightest glimmer of light indicates that the day has come out and the night is over. The discovery of Azam began in the 18th century, but the regular expedition began in 1901. In January 1912, Scott reached the South Pole, but was surprised to see a man who had never cried before. He had planted his country's flag there.

On the way back, Scott, and at the same time Bastani, got so caught up in the wind that one night, lying in tents, their bodies stiffened. Many problems can be overcome with their help. The problem was that he was changing the map of Hello Bay and he said that one day it will be closed due to rain. Accompanying it was an ice-cutting ship that cut a large chunk of ice on both sides of the grain and widened it. The ice layer was 20 to 50 feet thick. In it we found that the work was pole The southern point was thought to be incorrect, but it is 150 miles northwest. Larger aircraft are now being used to help with the acquisition.

There is a big difference between the North Pole and the South Pole. There are about 100,000 people living in the Muslim Arctic ice. There are many animals and there are forests whose timber is very valuable. There is no such population in the South Pole. There are no whales, no fish, no sea calves, no animals, no trees. Tell me tomorrow, you will find mountain ranges with a height of fifteen to twenty thousand feet. Whether it's just an avalanche, scientists from many nations have arrived today and are working together to investigate the human race. If these people succeed in discovering the essentials, it is quite possible that the books of the South The icy continent will settle slowly, just as the United States, Australia, and countless other islands have settled in the last three or four centuries.


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