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A fact about Indonesia that you didn't know before.


A fact about Indonesia that you didn't know before.


How does Indonesia become independent? The first name of Indonesia was Sharq Al-Haz Islands because it is a collection of about three thousand small and large islands located in the southeast of India. Near 790,000 miles and a population of over 80 million, the sky is the limit and the Borneo Islands are large islands. Indonesia's land is very fertile and very suitable for farming.

Even at one time the common people kept the family name Javanese. This country is also rich in minerals and is famous all over the world for example. The general idea is that if these islands continue to be inhabited by the emergence of Islam. It so happened that Arab merchants set up trading posts in various places, through which Islam was preached and a large population became Muslims. Occupied Indonesia, Seventy 1897 Company broke up, Dutch government took over. Dutch ruled until 1947. By the way, their nominal rule continued in 1980. The independence movement was already present in the country in the Second World War. When Germany occupied the Netherlands and the Netherlands moved to the United Kingdom, it announced on December 8 that all occupied territories of the Netherlands would have status for the future and that they had the knowledge to recognize Indonesia's political independence. When Japan occupied the large island of Shirkat al-Hus, it was here Distribute weapons among the people and assure freedom.

The aim was not to take any action against Japan, but to strengthen its objectives by all possible means. At the end of the war, the country returned to the Netherlands, and when the government's plan was corrected, the Dutch government's intentions changed. People were hoping for freedom and now they were ready to fight and die. It was not easy to deceive them, so in 1946 there was an agreement between the Netherlands and the Indonesians, according to which it was decided to issue a United States system in Indonesia in 1973. Attempts were made to form a government in different parts of the country to bring them directly under its control and not allow all areas to unite. Talks continued for a long time but the parties could not reach any conclusion.

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