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5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move (2021)



Best  Five ( 5 ) WordPress Migration Plugins For Your  Website to Move  (2021)

Best WordPress Migration Plugin 2021
5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move  (2021)

Best  Five ( 5 ) WordPress Migration Plugins For Your  Website to Move  (2021)

 Should I move my WordPress site to a new host or new domain name? This WordPress migration plugin greatly simplifies the process and saves you time.

Instead of manually uploading your site's files and databases, all you have to do is use a plugin to upload one or two files. In addition, some plugins allow you to browse the site simply by entering the server information on the new host. This is especially effective for large sites.

In this article, we'll share 6 of the best WordPress migration plugins. Most of them are free.

When choosing a WordPress migration plugin, keep your site size in mind. For small websites (less than 500MB), almost all plugins work. However, some plugins are better than others for browsing large sites. When we talk about each plugin, we are talking about how it works and how it navigates large sites.

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6 best WordPress migration plugins

1. Transfer of the migrate guru plugin 

2. Complete the WP transfer.

3. Duplicator

4. Place the immigration plugin.

5. WP Migration Database

6. UpdraftPlus

Which WordPress migration plugin is right for you?

6 best WordPress migration plugins

1.  Migrate Guru plugin

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move  (2021)

                                   Best Migrate Guru plugin

Migrate Guru is a free WordPress migration plugin from the same team as the popular BlogVault backup plugin and MalCare security plugin.

Migrate Guru follows a very unique approach to WordPress migration, making it especially suitable for browsing large WordPress sites.

Most other plugins work by exporting your site in one or two files and then uploading those files to a new server. The relay teacher is not working. Instead, just install the plugin on the site you are migrating and enter your credentials on the new server. Migrate Guru has built-in integration with several popular WordPress hosts, but it also has full FTP options that work on any host.

After Migrate Guru confirms the connection to the new host, the Migrate Guru server will transfer all files from the site to the new destination. You don't need to download the file manually.

You can also find / replace Migrate Guru in the database. It also allows you to change the domain name during the migration process.

You don't have to manually upload files, which avoids the problems many people face when migrating large sites. Migrate Guru claims to work with sites up to 200GB in size, but I have not tested such large ones.

Overall, if you want something that doesn't flood your large site, Migrate Guru is definitely one of the best options.

Migrate Guru is a completely free marketing tool. Basically, it is a marketing tool that encourages you to try the BlogVault backup service

2. All-in-One WP Migration WP relay all in one

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move  (2021)

Wp file completed

WP Migration all-in-one is the most popular WordPress.org migration plugin with over 44 million downloads. It can be used for migration, cloning, backups, etc.

The plugin works by allowing you to export your existing WordPress site as a single file. You can download the file to your local computer. In addition, the plugin also includes paid integrations with various cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.

There is also an FTP option that allows you to copy a file to any server via FTP and upload it directly to the target server.

WP Universal Relay Interface

After exporting the current site, all you have to do is create a new installation at the destination and reinstall the plugin. Then you can import the files to your site and download them all.

You can also search / replace the database during migration. This is useful if you want to change your domain name.

The basic version of All-in-One WP Migration is freely available at WordPress.org. However, the free version only allows you to transfer sites by downloading the file to your local computer and then uploading it to the new site. This method is good for small sites, but trying to move large sites this way often causes problems because the download may fail.

This allows you to purchase one of the premium integrations for large sites. For example, you can export your site to Google Drive and then import it directly from Google Drive, eliminating the need to upload / download files yourself.

Prices for these premium add-ons range from $ 29 to $ 99 depending on storage location.

3. DuplicatorDuplicator

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move  (2021)

After the global migration, WP Duplicator is the next most popular WordPress migration plugin on WordPress.org.

It uses the same approach as WP Universal Migration. You install a plugin on your current site, and it allows you to export the entire site as two files (called a "package"). Then all you have to do is upload those files to the new server and the Migration Assistant does the rest (you don't even need to install WordPress on the new site).

Duplicator interface

During the migration process, you can also find / replace your own database to help you change domain names.

When working with Duplicator, keep in mind that the free version is only a good option for small to medium WordPress sites. If you have a large WordPress site, you will need to purchase the premium version because it offers better support for large sites (or you can use Migrate Guru instead).

With Duplicator Pro, you can also export your site to cloud storage or FTP storage, which is also useful for moving large sites.

Duplicator is available for free at WordPress.org. If you want the premium version, it costs $ 69.

I also wrote a guide on how to migrate from WordPress using Duplicator that you can follow.

4. Your Host’s Migration Plugin Download in WP

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move  (2021)

SiteGround Migrator plugin tool

There has been a trend lately where popular WordPress hosts are offering migration plugins to make it easier to migrate to their platform. If you choose a host that offers such a plugin, then using a dedicated plugin usually provides the easiest process as it is designed for that host.

Here are a few popular WordPress hosts that offer their own migration plugins:

Bluehost - Use the Bluehost Site Migrator plugin.

Cloudways - use the Cloudways WordPress Migrator plugin.

SiteGround - Use the SiteGround Migrator plugin.

WP Engine - use WP Engine automatic migration plugin.

Flywheel - use the Flywheel Migrations plugin.

DreamHost - Use the DreamHost Automated Migration plugin.

Liquid Web / Nexcess - Use the Migrate To Liquid Web & Nexcess plugin.

Pantheon - Use the Pantheon Migrations plugin.

Squeeze - Use the Pressable Automated Migration plugin.

If you are moving to a different host, you can also check if that host offers a dedicated migration plugin, as many hosts currently do.

5. WP Migrate DB Plugin in WordPress.

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move  (2021)

WP Migration Database

WP Migrate DB is unique on this list as it is not a WordPress migration plugin with a free version. Instead, as the name suggests, the free version only focuses on migrating one part of your site - the database.

However, the database is the hardest part when moving a WordPress site, so it's still a very useful tool. Once the files are on your site, all you have to do is upload them to the new server. However, you cannot just copy the database, so you may run into database consistency issues.

However, when using WP Migrate DB, it fixes all these issues, so you can migrate your WordPress site database as easily as clicking a button.

Relay DB WP

If you want to upgrade to the premium version, WP Migrate DB will also allow you to migrate all files to your site, making it a more complete migration plugin.

It also allows you to transfer / restore your database from one site to another. This feature is especially useful if you want to create a WordPress demo site rather than migrating a production site.

Overall WP Migrate DB is geared towards WordPress developers, but regular users can benefit from it as well.

The basic version is available for free at WordPress.org - just remember that the free version only works with your site's database. If you want the premium version, WP Migrate DB Pro only costs $ 49.

6. UpdraftPlus Plugin for data Migeration

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins For Your WP Website to Move  (2021)

UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin. The free version is one of the best options for backing up your website. But with the premium version, you can also use UpdraftPlus to move your site to a new site.

Basically, you'll create a "backup copy" of your existing site and transfer that backup to a new WordPress installation on the target. UpdraftPlus Migrator will help you modify the database if necessary during the migration process.

Otherwise, it works the same as restoring your site from a backup.

UpdraftPlus is available for free at WordPress.org. However, you need to purchase UpdraftPlus Premium starting at $ 70 to access the migration component.

Which WordPress migration plugin is right for you?

Overall, here are my thoughts on which plugin you should choose.

First of all, almost all plugins work for a small site. All-in-one WP Migration and Duplicator is the easiest option because all you have to do is export your site and then upload those files to a new destination. Migrate Guru is also fairly straightforward, but it can be difficult for some people to enter their FTP credentials.

For larger sites, Migrate Guru is definitely the best free option. All other plugins require you to purchase the premium version to effectively migrate a large site.

Finally, keep in mind that your new host may also offer a custom migration plugin. In this case, the easiest option is usually to use that particular plugin.

Still have questions about choosing a WordPress migration plugin? Ask in the comments!

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