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Ministry Of Defence (MOD) 2021 jobs | MOD Past Papers Mcqs Syllabus Psychometric Test

Ministry Of Defence (MOD) 2021 jobs | Ministry of Defence MOD Past Papers Syllabus Psychometric Test Model papers

Introduction Of Ministry Of Defence(MOD)

Ministry of Defence is the most prestigious executive ministry of Government of Pakistan. Pakistan Defence institution is famous for its two most important pillars which are Pakistan Army and Security Agency ISI. You will be interviewed by ISI officials if you get success in the recruitment process of Ministry of Defence MOD jobs 2021.

Ministry Of Defence(MOD) Jobs 2021 have been announced. I was part of these tests in 2018 and 2019. Fortunately, I was also part of the Interview of MOD Sub-Inspector by the ministry of defence. So, I know every step of the recruitment process of MOD jobs. 

I have complete study material for the ministry of defence MOD Sub-inspector, MOD Assistant Director and other vacant posts past papers. 

We will update and add more ministry of defence MOD jobs 2021 Notes, MOD pdf books, MOD past papers.

Here is a complete step by step recruitment process of MOD jobs 2021 with past papers.

Step-01: MOD MCQs Test

Keep in mind the Ministry of Defence MOD MCQs test will be the same for all jobs from bps-17 to bps-07. In the first step, you have to appear in MOD MCQs test having 0.25 negative marks.
There will be a minimum of 18 Subjects as I experienced in 2018 and 2019 MOD MCQs test. Here is Ministry of Defence MOD 2019 MCQs syllabus but for Ministry of Defence MOD jobs, 2021 official syllabus will be updated soon here.

Ministry of Defence MOD 2019 MCQs paper consisted of the following subjects
1. English (MOD jobs past papers)
2. IR (MOD MCQs past papers)
3. Political Science
4. Geography (MOD past papers)
5. Computer Science
6. Pakistan Affairs (MOD past papers)
7. Current Affairs (MOD jobs past papers)
8. General Knowledge (MOD jobs past papers)
9. Criminology (MOD jobs past papers)
10. Sociology (MOD jobs past papers)
11. Ethics (MOD jobs past papers)
12. Islamic Studies (MOD jobs past papers)
13. IQ (MOD jobs past papers)
14. Psychology
15. International Law
16. Mathematics (MOD jobs past papers)
17. JAVA
18. Constitutional history

Result of MOD jobs will be announced within a month. If you qualify the first step then:

Step-02: MOD Written Test

Qualified candidates have to appear in the written test. MOD written test will consist of Essay, English and Current Affairs. You have to solve this paper in 3 hours. You will get all MOD written test past papers here.

If you get Success in MOD written test then:

Step-03: Psychometric Test

Most tough step to qualify is the ministry of defence MOD Psychometric test. We are trying to upload papers regarding MOD Psychometric test.
MOD Psychometric test consisted of Story Writing, IQ, Maths, Personality Questions and more. I remember there was a booklet consisted of 8 portions and you have to solve questions in seconds.
For MOD Psychometric Story Writing you have to write a positive story in 6 minutes. I will update this blog from time to time to share my experience.

Final Step - Interview:

Interview Panel of MOD jobs consisted of 8 members. Two psychological doctors. They will just ask you for your family and educational background.

One most important thing, in MOD forms they will ask you for names of cities you have visited and that same question will be asked in the interview too.

Details of Ministry Of Defence MOD jobs 2021 and MOD Past Papers

Director (Research & Analysis) (BS-19)

Deputy Director (Research & Analysis) (BS-18)

Assistant Director (Research & Analysis) (BS-17)

Director (Computer Programming) (BS-18)

Deputy Director (Computer Programming) (BS-18)

Assistant Director
(Computer Programming) (BS 17)

Deputy Director (Engineering) (BS 18)

Assistant Director (Engineering) (BS 17)

Assistant Director (BS-17)

Sub Inspector (BS-14)

Security Sub Inspector (BS-14}

Security Assistant Sub Inspector (BS-9)

Security Supervisor (BS-7)

Traffic Analyst Supervisor (BS-16)

Traffic Analyst (BS-14)

Assistant (BS-15)

Upper Division Clerk (BS-11)

Lower Division Clerk (BS 9)

Technician (BS-14)

Sub Engineer-t (BS-11)

Age Limit: Sindh (R), Balochistan get 3 years age relaxation in Ministry of Defence MOD jobs 2021. Complete age details are given in the official advertisement which is given below.

Last Date: 17 February 2021

What You Get From Here:
Ministry of Defence MOD Sample papers, Ministry of Defence MOD past papers, Ministry of Defence MOD Psychometric test Story writing and tips to solve, Ministry of Defence MOD Assistant Director AD papers, Ministry of Defence MOD Sub-Inspector past paper and solution, Ministry of Defence MOD Tips and Tricks to get success in Ministry of Defence MOD MCQs test because of negative marking of 0.25, Ministry of Defence MOD written test syllabus model papers,
We will Upload Past Papers of Ministry of Defence MOD Assistant Director( Engineering, Computer, Programming), MOD Sub-Inspector, MOD LDC UDC past papers, MOD Traffic Analyst, MOD Charge Nurse

How to Apply in Ministry of Defence MOD jobs 2021:

Online application forms and online fee deposit slips are available on the website: www.recruitments.com.pk. Hard copy forms are not required.

The maximum age limit may be relaxed to the extent as mentioned below however where a candidate is entitled to age relaxation under more than one categories he/she shall be allowed age relaxation on only in one category.

(a) By 3 years in the case of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes Buddhist Community recognized tribes of the Tribal Areas AJ&K and Northern Areas Gilgit Baltistan.

(b) By 3 years in case of candidates belonging to Sindh Rural and Balochistan for posts in BS 15 and below.

Negative marking will apply in Screening Test @0 25 marks per for each wrong answer.

Here are some original past papers of the Ministry of Defence conducted by NTS. We are updating this file daily so keep an eye on this post
DOWNLOAD Advt and MOD past papers

Some past papers MCQs from Ministry of Defence MOD test 2019:

Synonym of Fend is:
Derived jurisprudence?

16th article?

Does pleading mean?


Security advisor to PMLN govt?
Why the kashmir issue does not discuss in SAARC?

Kinetic military action?

A tool of cricket?


Globalization of world of politics? The discipline of peace and conflict study?

Article 58(b)?

25th Amendment?

Moslaw esteem law?

18th amendment?

OSI 5th layer?

Founder of realism?

Woodrow Wilson ideology?
Father of Geography 234BC?
The nuclear stance of Pakistan?
Numismatic: coins?
Security advisor to trump?

When China joined the UN?
Friedman's theory?

CPEC agreement of? A collection of infrastructure

Indian article 370? Kashmir and Ladakh

Chairman of Kashmir committee?
Un session? 74th

Pakistan a hard country written by? Captain of Pakistan cricket team? Usher on a goat? 1 goat for 40

Khula according to Punjab court 2015?

Vietnam war ended?

Pareto theory?

How many electoral colleges in the USA? USA Law in which year?

Takht e Bhai belongs to which civilization?
Gandhara civilization Sheikh Ahmed sarhindi opposed which Mughal emperor.

Download General science STBB Mcqs class 2 to 8


Ministry of Defence MOD 2021 syllabus, MOD past papers, MOD Sub-inspector past papers, Ministry of Defence MOD Assistant Director and sub-inspector traffic analyst past paper 2019 and MOD past paper MCQs past papers will be uploaded soon.

Ministry of Defence MOD psychometric past papers with story writing pictures will also be updated soon.

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