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Mechanical Planning Supervisor | Puma Energy, Machike

 Main Purpose:

Responsible for scheduling maintenance work based on the work order system, and to provide mechanical department with work order reports as required by OIMS, CIMS and GRS systems.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities:

1. Safety, Reliability, OIMS Responsibilities:

  • Provides support to the OIMS and Alert objectives in general; with emphasis on contractors and third party services.
  • Plays an active role in the maintenance safety meetings and follow up of the order and cleanliness program visits in the machine shop areas.
  • Ensures that work planned and scheduled takes into consideration all required safety regulations and procedures through good communication with maintenance section head, lead technicians, mechanical technicians, contractors and process supervisors or MPT’s as required.
  • Assists the mechanical planner in selecting contractors to balance workloads and safely carry out maintenance jobs.
  • Responsible for scheduling work orders and closing completed tasks including entering data for materials and labour costs: WO’s for the weekly plan, tank T/A’s plan, CAMPYC, calendar-based maintenance tasks, etc.
  • Back up of the mechanical planner and/or the mechanical planning supervisor.
  • Participates in daily/weekly meetings with mechanical & project section head, senior process supervisor, on-site section head, mechanical planner and other members for the planning of maintenance activities.
  • Participate in scheduling meetings for safety-critical equipment checks on a planned month.
  • Responsible for the proper reporting of WO’s on a monthly basis including WO completed, WO in progress, break-ins among others.
  • Coordinate scheduled work at the terminal facilities.

2. Controls (CIMS) and budget:

  • Prepare documentation for extra-work hours approved by the mechanical & project section head and operations manager.
  • Ensures integrity of work order system data entered to close WO’s.
  • Prepares monthly reports to Operations Manager about the overall performance of the work order system as required by OIMS systems.
  • Responsible for the CIMS requirements for the work order management system.

3. Other duties:

  • Follows up on purchase orders for material needed for planned shutdowns/repairs.
  • Assists in developing maintenance-related studies as required.
  • Other tasks assigned by his supervisor.


  • BS degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering.
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • 3 years’ minimum experience in Oil Terminal/Refinery/petrochemical plant operations preferable.
  • Exposure to general maintenance (shop and field).


  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good business judgment.
  • Good operating and capital expenses skills.


  • Problem-solving, analytical skills, strong engineering knowledge, refinery economics.
  • Adaptable to changing priorities and capable of working efficiently under pressure.

Key Relationships and Department Overview:

  • Internal – All Operations departments.
  • External – Technical reps from equipment manufacturers, tools suppliers, port authorities, mechanical/maintenance contractors.
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