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Manager Talent Acquisition | Arbisoft, Lahore

 Experience: Ideally someone with a minimum of 5 years of experience. 

What will catch the eye: Someone who’s familiar with how hiring in a Tech Company works. Has done tech recruitment and claims to be an expert in Non-tech hiring as well.
Who are we exactly looking for and what skill do they possess:
  1. A problem solver: Shortage of good quality candidates is a known fact. The right person will go a step ahead. Come up with ideas that can potentially solve the bigger problem than just the problem at hand. The right candidate will think out of the box!
  2. Hands-on: Someone who is familiar with modern recruitment practices has experience of using different ATSes, has a proven track record of filling multiple tough positions.
  3. Data-Driven: Goes deeper into the role that they own. Analyzes candidate influx, candidate behavior, and hiring outcome. Which candidates end up being A players? which university do they graduate from? Who interviews them? What soft skills do they possess? The right candidate takes decisions backed by data.
  4. A Risk Taker: If you tried something in the past and failed, that’s exactly what we’re looking for. The right candidate thinks out of what’s already trending, goes against the wind. Has the ability to foresee potential challenges and plans accordingly.
  5. A recruiter mindset: Not all HR professionals are recruiters. If a tricky position keeps you up at night, If a withdrawn offer bothers you to the core and you want to find out what you could do differently, If you keep striving to make a candidate’s hiring experience better, when you empathize with the candidate when they are not timely informed of their hiring status, when you’re always on a hunt of good quality people even when you don’t actively need them. That’s what a recruiter mindset is. 

P.S.Don’t let the title mislead you. Managing a team is just one of many portfolios that this position holder will be owning.

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