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How to get full scholarship 2021 in Europe | Full Guide Eligibility Documents

How to Get Full Scholarship in Europe 2021

In this article, you will get to know the most asked questions about getting a scholarship in Europe. Like, How to get a scholarship in Europe?

What documents did you need to get a scholarship in Europe?

Which language courses are mandatory to get a scholarship in Europe?

What are the eligibility criteria to get a scholarship in Europe?

Hello everyone, welcome back to this blog. I'm going to talk about four main steps. You need to follow these steps to get a scholarship to study in Europe for a bachelor's or master's.

Today I will give you a complete guide about getting a scholarship in Europe 2021.

Many of us have the desire to study abroad But most of the time you're bogged down by the factor related to money because studying abroad is an expensive affair Having said that very few of us. 

Give a try to apply for a scholarship because we think obtaining a scholarship is next to impossible. 

In this article, I would like to bust a myth related to getting a scholarship is way easier than most of us think, And yes, it is not limited Just to students with stellar grades

There are way more opportunities than you could imagine when I applied to pursue a master's through a prestigious scholarship in Europe. 

The process in implementation was total chaos, and very random. The only thing which I had in my mind, was I really need to get this scholarship to pursue my master's having said that It was not a very effective and efficient process in this blog.

Getting a scholarship in Europe is not impossible. In the new year 2021, almost all universities are going to announce scholarships.

List of 2021 Scholarships


I would like to introduce you to a simple methodology plan check do act Similar to a Deming cycle, but except the switch, The first step is to plan, consists of two main activities the first and foremost is research and research It is very important that you get serious You are hard-working and you're also determined to get this scholarship.

Because it's very important to have a commitment if you do not have a commitment and you're just making this as any other application Probably you stand a lesser chance to win this scholarship.


So First and foremost have a clear plan and also have a schedule on how you go about approaching the scholarship Once you've done that try to research what are the different types of scholarships that are available? 

Scholarships are generally provided by Governments by the university by other foundations and institutions and they're mainly student-specific subject-specific Country-specific or merit-based. 

So it's very important that you have a good understanding of Step two having in the research and a clear understanding of various scholarship. Which is available for you to pursue your bachelor's or master's.

What are the eligibility criteria to get a scholarship in Europe?

Step:2. Eligibility

Now, it is very important for us to check on eligibility. To understand if you're eligible to apply for this particular scholarship or not To help you with this a simple tip here is a spreadsheet consisting of a simple table. 

Type of scholarship

What does the scholarship entail? What are the key documents which are required for this particular scholarship the amount or the grant you're getting through the scholarship? And finally, the deadline in this way will give you a clear overview of the different types of scholarship you're applying for and when are the different deadlines. 

This will help you plan and implement your scholarship applications for bachelors and masters in the most effective and efficient manner.

What documents you need to get a scholarship in Europe?

Step:3. Documents

In this step, you need to prepare all the documents. which is required to win this prestigious scholarship for pursuing bachelors or master's. 

Based on my own personal experience and also have helped hundreds of students. I come to realize the seven main steps, which are required.

One your CV needs to be concise and precise. 

Number two motivation letter or statement of purpose. Here, You need to showcase the passion. Most importantly, why you are a deserving candidate to win the scholarship. 

Three letters of support from the people who know you very well who support your cause to get this scholarship. 

Number four is the language requirement. You can produce a certificate from IELTS or TOEFL. meeting the language requirement of English.

Number five is your transcripts. So for a bachelor scholarship, you need to produce this transcript from pre-university. For a master's you need to produce this transcript from the bachelor's level. 

Six is academic excellence. That means not only your grades which are obtained From your pre-university or from your bachelor's. you have to showcase any other certificate any other academic. Complementarities that can enhance and strengthen your case to win this scholarship. 

And, finally Extracurricular activities or industrial experience which you gained while your pre-university days or even your bachelor's days can help you get this scholarship itself. 

So these are the seven main documents in some cases. There may be one or two other additional documents. So that needs to be checked based on the scholarship, which is Which you're going to apply for? 

Important tip except for the English language requirement and the transcripts rest all the document needs to be customized depending on the different scholarship. the application you're making in because one size doesn't fit all. 

It is very important you be authentic. You be genuine and most importantly honest and unique because you need to show yourself at the best. Because by doing so you will help the people who are evaluating your application to understand you better and deeper.

In this way, They are much happier to give you the scholarship moving forward Step four-act. So once you prepare all your key documents It is very important that you invest time in proofreading, if you need to ensure there is no error, there is no grammatical mistake in any of the documents that you're prepared. 

So only when you're super confident and you're happy that this is ready to go, send in that for review to a person you know. You trust are good with the language of somebody who's already applied for this process or even get hold of a professional company Which can help you in ensuring the documents are top-notch. 

Important Tip 


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Note that only when you're confident, please send it over for proofreading or someone else to check this. Otherwise, you're really wasting their time and this is not a very effective and efficient process. 

So do think about the time which others are investing to help you out and it is not really fair If you have not done your work and you're expecting someone else to fill up your work, right? 

Once you've gone through all the process it's time for you to apply So do apply well before the deadline at least three to four days before the deadline this gives you an opportunity To not be stressed and anxious and to ensure you've done all the work in the highest quality possible And this is going to be excellent. 

Finally, I wish you the very best for those of you reading this article with regards to your scholarship application for a bachelor's master's or even both. 

Uh, remember studying abroad is getting out of your comfort zone going to another part of the world, And embracing the adventure that unfolds you so I'm super proud that you made this decision And I'm sure it's going to be exciting And once again, I wish you the very best.

How to get full scholarship 2021 in Europe

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