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General science and ability CSS 2020 solved paper

CSS 2020 General Science and Ability Solved paper



              Complete paper of  
general science and. Ability CSS 2020

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Solved Section B

Q. 6. (a) Tariq can do a tailoring job in 6 hours. Sajid does the same job in 4 hours. Irfan does it in 8 hours. Tariq and Sajid start doing the work. Sajid leaves after two hours and Irfan replaces him. How long would it take to complete the work? (5)

Q:06 (b)
(b) Find the missing number to complete each sum
(a) 9 + 8 – 5 = 2 x (—-)
(b) 3 x 9 – 14 = 24 – (—-)
(c ) 15 – 3 x 12 = 41 + (—)
(d) 24 – 4 – 5 = 66 – (—)
(e) 8 * 6 – 10 + 3 – 7 = 6 – (—)

(c ) There are seven students in a group having ages 17,17,18,18,18,19,19. Calculate mean, median, mode and range of their ages. Also define these mentioned terms. (5)


Q. 7. (a) Mushtaq, Pervaiz, Ehsan, Umair and Saleem are friends having different heights and weights. Mushtaq weighs four times as much as Pervaiz and Pervaiz weighs double than Ehsan. Ehsan weighs half as much as Umair and Umair weighs half as much as Saleem.
(i) Who is the heaviest among five friends?
(ii) Who is the second heaviest?
(iii) Who has the lowest weight?
(iv) Who are equal in weight?
(v) Mention the descending order.

(b) A farmer needs to build a boundary wall around his farm. If the area of the farm is 484 m2, what will be the total area of the wall if it is two meter high on three sides and three meter high on one side? (5)

(c ) Five girls A,B,C,D,E and four boys W,X,Y,Z have to go to a trip in three cars car-1, car-2 and car-3. The following restrictions for seating in car are to be observed
(i) Only three persons can sit in one car
(ii) At least one boy and one girl must be in each car
(iii) A and D should remain together
(iv) Z cannot sit with B or C in the same car
Distribute boys and girls in three cars. (5)

(d) What are social skills? Describe four cases of weak social skills. (5)(20)

What do you understand by systematic sampling? Discuss its types. (5)
(b) Blood groups of inhabitants of a village were checked. It was found that 600 people possessed blood group A, 650 possessed blood group B, 550 had blood group AB and 200 have blood group O. Calculate the probability of having blood group B. (ii) Calculate the probability of having blood group O. (5)


A group of 50 men can construct a 20 kilometer road in 40 days. How long will 70 men take to complete the same length of road? (5)

Zahid left a property worth Rs. 1,750,000. His family had to pay off a debt of Rs. 150,000. The rest of the money was distributed between a son and a daughter. How much did each child receive if the share of a son was double than that of a daughter? (5)(20)

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