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FPSC SST 2017 past paper and fpsc paper solve tricks and tips

 SST batch 3 complete paper by FPSC 2017 past paper

Note: There is the best way to find relative websites where fpsc is making these papers. I have created a video where I have discussed tricks to find out possible paper question before one night have a look


I have attached original scanned pics of complete original past paper at the end of this post, you can read the questions and also download the past paper of sst.

CASE NO.F.-1942.018-8



The time allowed: 100 Minutes
Maximum Mark: 100

Handover both question booklet and answer sheet to the invigilator


The use of a calculator IS NOT ALLOWED.



Tip: There is no negative marking so you call attempt all questions, but I suggest that if your English is weak then do this portion last.

1. We need a computer
_a huge memory.
(A) having
(C) of
(D) None of these

2. I like to be _____ for short periods.
(A) lone
(B) lonely
(C) alone
(D) None of these

Two boys are ____ in looks, but not in personality.
(A) like
B. alike
C. Same
D. None of these

She lives ___ Albert street.
(A) in
B. At
C. On
D. Non

5. Amir is_____ like a father to me.
A. Nearly
B. almost
(C) all most
(D) None of these

6. As soon as I saw her, I knew that I had met her
A. Ago
B. Earlier
C. Before

7. I was wondering if you
be interested in a game of tennis.
(B) could
(C) would
(D) None of these

8. I wish today Sunday.
(A) could be
(B) Was
C. would be
(D) None of these

9. I waited for her
six o'clock, but she did not come.
(A) till
(B) until
(C) to
(D) None of these

10. She be here tomorrow
B. may
C. Mays
(D) None of these

All _______ you say is certainly true
(A) which
(B) that
(C) what
D. Non

Barnard developed ___ a new in heart surgery.
A. technology
C. method
D. None of these

I _____ be rich one day
(B) shall
C. May
D. Non

15. I can somebody is coming.
(A) listen
(B) hear
(C) heard
(D) None of these

16. The repairs are ____ to cost more than you think.
(A) sure
(B) certain
(C) expected
(D)None of these

Tip 02: Copy and paste questions one by one from here and past it in google, you will find top websites from where fpsc is taking these questions.

FPSC SST 2017 past paper and fpsc paper solve tricks and tips

_____ theory of personality puts an emphasis on studying the whole human being.
(A) Trait
B. Behaviour
C. Humanist
D. Non

17. He is enjoying his job.
(A) latest
(B) last
(D)None of these

18._handwriting cannot be easily read.
A. Legible
(B) Lucid
(C) Illegible
(D) non

19. A white elephant means something:
(A)very beautiful
(B) useless and costly
(C) looks ugly

20. Normally an individual thunderstorm ____ about 45 minutes.
A. Ends
(B) lasts
C. Remains
D. Non

Who said that "Learning includes both caution and retention?
(A) skinner
(B) Gates
C. Guilford
D. Non

Step two in clinical supervision is:
(A) Analysis
(B) Observation
(C) Supervisory conference
(D) None of these

Attempt all questions

The term "Philosophy means
(A) Love of wisdom
(B)Fear of Wisdom
C. Non

The major objective of the Aligarh movement was to promote
(A) Education
(B) Hatred for Hindus
(C) scientific look
(D)None of these

Education conference 1947 was held in
(C) Quetta
(D)None of these

30. Educational administration is primarily enterprise
(A) Psychological
(B) Basic
D. None of these

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____ Is the basic function of administration.
(A Recruitment
(B) Supervision
(c) Planning
(D) None of these

Role personality theory was presented by
(A) Gettels and Gauba
(B) Stogdil
(c) F.W. Taylor
(D) None of these

the function of administration involves delegation of responsibility to employees.
(A) Planning
(C) Budgeting
(D) None of these

35. Hawthorne studies were conducted between:
(A) 1927-1932
(B) 1985-1987
(C) 1970-1980
(D) None of these

Article 25 of the Constitution obligate the State to provide free and compulsory education up to class
A. 3
B. 5
C. 8
D. Non

36. Is a regulatory process directing the activities of an organization to achieve specific goals.
A. Controlling
C. Planning
(D) None of these

SST past papers held in 2017 by fpsc half questions are written in this post but I have attached complete past papers pics too

37. Educational Supervision Means:
A. TAT Assistance in development of teaching-learning process
(B) discipline through which we control the affairs of others
(C) All of the above

38. Top management works on:
(A) Strategic plan 
(B) Corporate plan 
(c) Budgeting 
(D) None of these

A "Strategic plan" is also called:
Long term plan
Short term plan
Both A&B
None of these

National Education Policy 1970 was headed by:
(A) Fuzul ur Rehman 
(B) S.M. Sharif 
(C) Noor Khan 
(D) None of these

40. the First step in the planning process is to:
(A) Set an objective
(B) Evaluate alternatives
(C) Determine strength and weakness (D)None of these

41. Short term plans in education are generally of years.
(A) One to three 
(B)Three to five 
(C)Five to ten

43. Planning aims at creating an adequate _______ situation.
(A) Past
(C) Future
(D) non

44. Systematic change in mental processes that underlie all learning and performance is referred to as:
(A) Moral development
Social-emotional development
Cognitive development
(D) None of these

FPSC SST 2017 past paper and fpsc paper solve tricks and tips

National Education Commission 1959 was established under the headship of:
(A) Fazal ur Rehman
(B) Liaquat Ali khan
(C) S.M. Sharif

I  have known her ___ for three days.
(A) from
B. since
C. for
(D) None of these

The way knowledge is created in the mind of the learner is called:
A. Realism
B. Behaviorism
C. Constructivism
D. Non

“Educational planning in its broadest sense is the application of rational systematic analysis to the process of educational development" This quote was said by:
(A) Zeigler
(B) adam curl
(C) P.H coombs
(D) non

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FPSC SST 2017 past paper and fpsc paper solve tricks and tips

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