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FPSC Appraising and valuation officer 2020 paper batch 1 and 2 solved

Mixed questions of FPSC test of Appraising and valuation officer past paper 2020 batch 1 and batch 2

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Appraising and Valuation Officer Batch 1

Valuation officer

1. Capital city of Austria? Vienna

2. PM of Spain was elected on? 2 June 2018

3. Number of Makki surah? 86

4. Meaning of the Quran? recited one

5. Which negro was killed in America? George Floyd

6. insert hyperlink short key? Ctrl + K

7. Short key to find and replace? ctrl+H

8. Extension of word documents? .docx

9. When was the constitution of 1973 was implemented? 14 August 1973

10. Name of imam Bukhari? Muhammad Bin Ismail

11. When Qasem Sulemani was killed? 3 January 2020

12. Imran khan delivered a historical speech in the UN assembly or security council? 27 September 2019

13. Rukus in the Quran? 540

14. which companion of the Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is mentioned in the Quran? Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris RA

15. PIDC stands for? Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation formed in 1952

16. Mohen jo Daro located in which district? Larkana District

17. first deputy district judge allowed wearing a headscarf in the UK? Raffia Arshad

18. India citizenship bill date? 11 December 2019

19. India implement curfew in India date? 24 March 2020

20. Jamal Khashoggi works in which newspaper? The Washington Post

21. WHO warns coronavirus can again reactivate and its 2nd wave can come by which person said?

 Dr. Mike Ryan

22. When UK left EU? 31 January 2020

23. China and India Skirmish (To figh) at? Pangong Tso Lake, in Ladakh Vally

24. Zabour is revealed on which prophet? Hazrat Dawood AS

25. The lion of Allah title? Hazrat Ali RA

26. Minimum no of row and column in ms word? 1 row and 1 column

27. Hazrat Muhammad SAW visit Syria at age of? 12 years

28. Kabul gurdwara attack? March 25, 2020

29. WHO a puppet of China, says? Donald Trump

30. NATO withdrawal period from Afghanistan? 14 June 2011 – 31 December 2016

Attempt this Gk Quiz


Appraising valuation batch 1

25 Sep 2020 math question. 

Kindly share the solutions with answers


Q.1 If 40% of x is 50%of y then y is what % of x?

Q2. If 4/12 of a number is 42 what is 8/14 of that number? 

3. 3/4 of a number exceeds its half by 6 then what is the number? 

4. What is the sum of odd num from 1 to 100? 

5. Average of first five multiples of 8?

Today’s Appraising/Valuation Officer (batch-1) 

FPSC  25-09-202

English (20 questions including verb patterns and structure of the sentence )

Mathematics (20 questions )

Current Affairs Q’s 

1. Jamal Khashoggi (Washington Post)

2. Imran khan historic speech(UNGA)

3. Protests started in America for (George Floyd)

4. Gurdwara attacked Afghanistan (Har Rai )

5. WHO emergencies head (Dr.Mike Ryan)


Imam Bukhari real name

Which sahabi’ name mentioned in the Quran

Number of Makki Surah

Computer Questions mostly of MS Office 

Appraising valuation batch 1 

with the correct answer. 

Error and omission accepted

1.imam Bukhari? Muhammad bin Ismail 

2. Hazrat Muhammad went to Syria? Age 12

3. PIDC? Pak industrial dev corporation

4. Kashmir into Mughal? Don't know

5. UN health body puppet of china? Trump

6. Attack on gurdwara?Har Rai Sahib

7. Quran mean? To read 

8. IK ADDRESS 74th session? UnGa

9. Bank nationalized? 1974

10. Ballistile day? Don't know 

11. Nato withdraw from Afghanistan? 14 month

12. Who head? Dr. Mike

13. Women in hijab judge UK?  Raffia

14.  Indian citizen act? Dec 2019

15.  Spain pm elected? 2018

16. African Americans died? George 

17. Quran Urdu translation? Shah Abdul Qadir

18.  Struggle for Pakistan? Qureshi ( none )

19.  Faisal mosque built? Vedat 

20. Capital city of Austria? Vienna

21.  Makki surah? 86 

22. Const 1973: 14 Aug 1973

23. Qasim solemani died? 3 Jan 2020. 

24. Rukus in the Quran? 558 (none of these)

25. Companion of PBUH in the Quran? Hazrat Zaid r.a

26. Mohanjodoro in? Larkana

27.  Uk left EU ? 31 Jan 2020

28. Word docu extension? .doc

Note: 2 MCQ was contradicted the 1st one was of ruku as there are mentioned 540 and 558 rukus in diff books. 

2nd one is about word docu extension. Both Doc and Docx are extensions. But the option was the doc and none of these... so it was contradicted.

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Today's Appraising/Valuation Officer test conducted by FPSC (Batch 1) #25-Sept-2020


Mostly sentences completion MCQs having if, before, incase, correct use of verb structures, etc

@. Current Affair

1. Gen Qasim Sulaimani is attacked on which date

2. Indian CAA is on which date

3. News reporters are not allowed in IOK since which date

4. Head of WHO

5. PM of Spain is from year

6. "UN's Health Organisation is the puppet of China" are the words of which, leader

7. Indian troops countered which Sikh leader in Harimander in 1984

8.Chomskey says that post corona pandemic the world will face two threats that are 

@. PAKISTAN Affairs

1. 1973 Constitution is in effect from

2. ZAB policy of Bank Nationalisation was on date

3. Kashmir was annexed by which Mughal Emperor 

Attempt Current Affairs QUIZ

FPSC Appraising and valuation officer 2020 paper batch 1 and 2 solved

Link: https://www.nowtodayjobs.com/2020/09/current-affairs-2020-online-quiz-part-2.html


1. Total number Rukhu in Quran

2. Lion of ALLAH is the title of

3. Prophet (PBUH) visited Syria with Hazrat Abu Talib at the age

4. Injeel is revealed on

5. Towrat is revealed on

6. Name of a companion of the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned in the Quran

7. First wahi is written by which sahabi

8. Quran means

@ Computer

1. Shortcut key for hyperlink

2. shortcut key for find and replace

3. Shortcut key for

4.ctrl +A is for

5. MS word file is represented by code

6. Spreadsheet can be opened in

7. There is a minimum number of row and column  in ms word

8. Range from A2 to M12 is represented like

9. Equation in excel is represented by

10. What is =_+

11. Different graphic symbols are accessed under which option in ms word

12. Tool from where Sanskrit etc types of texts can be used 

FPSC Appraising and valuation officer 2020 paper batch 1 and 2 solved

FPSC Appraising and valuation officer 2020 paper batch 1 and 2 solved

Fpsc appraising and valuation officer

Batch 2 Appraising and valuation officer by fpsc MCQs paper

1.Sikh  surrender to Lord Dalhousie

2.quaid e Azam holds a portfolio of governer r second??

3.pia hotel name in new york

4.pak join ASEAN forum

5.plo found

6.neymar football player country

7.rajab tayyab president number

8. Pakistan buy Gwadar from oman.

1.shortcut key to start the current slide in PowerPoint. Shift+f5

2. PowerPoint is for... presentation.

3. Which function display rows data into columns and columns data into rows. Transpose 

4. To select a column shortcut key. Ctrl+spacebar.

5. If you want to add more columns between A and B then where you click. 

6. Where you can see the formula. On formula bar.

7. Ready-made styles. From template

8. Through slide sorter view we can see all slides.

9. For tittles and bullets. Outline view.

10. Default view in PowerPoint 

11. To close PowerPoint. Ctrl+w.

12. For the next slide in the presentation. N

Appraising valuation officer Batch 2 paper 25 Sept 2020 

1.Literary meaning of hajj? The will of visit

2. How many years did Hazrat Esha R.a live after the demise of Hazrat Muhammad SAAW? 46 years

3. In which hijri Khalid-bin-Waleed r.a died in? 642 AD

4. Zaboor book revealed on which prophet? Hazrat Dawood A.S

5. Gazwa e Ahzab meaning? Allies

6.How much camels sacrificed by Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)? 63

7. Ghawa e Badar fought in ? 2 Hijri

8. Hajj is the pilgrimage made to? Makkah

9.Holy Prophet (PBUH) had 10 paternal Uncles and paternal aunts? 6 aunts

10. How prophethood rewarded? Bestowed by Allah

11.Pakistan joined ASEAN on? 2004

12.Palestine liberation organization found in? 28 May 1964 

13.Neymar it the player of which country? Brazil 

14. Quad e Azam held which other government position other than Governor journal of Pakistan? Refugee rehabilitation 

15.Gawadar remained under the rule of Oman for? 200 years

16. David Malpas is 13th President of? World Bank  

17. How much World bank gave funds to Pakistan for fighting against Covid 19? 200 million

18. Allah Iqbal did his p.hd from? Munich University Germany



21.Bawalpur join Pakistan in?  14 October 1955

22. The Houthi rebels in Yemen also called? Ansar Allah

23.international women's day will be celebrated on? 8 march 2021

24.From where kulbhushan Yadav arrested from? Balochistan

25. Indian piolet Abhinanden was a? Wing commander 

26. What length of Pakistan coastal line? 990 kilometers

27. Charman of CPEC authority? Asim Saleem Bajwa

28. SDC is the regional center of SAARC? SAARC documentation center

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