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FPSC AD NAB paper batch 1 , 2 and 3 | SST original paper September 2020

FPSC AD NAB paper batch 1, 2, and 3  | SST original paper September 2020

Today's AD NAB paper: Batch 1

20 questions from English grammar
20 questions from mathematics
20 questions from the NAB ordinance
40 question was from Pakistan affairs, current affairs, Islamic studies.

Good news aj mn ny AD NAB ka test dya NAB portion k sab questions is pdf file mn se ae hn 

Download this pdf file

NAB ordinance MCQs file


1. Prince William visits Pakistan on 14 October 2019.

2. Youngest PM Sana marrin belongs to Finland

3. Defence budget of 2019_20, 1150 Billion

4. Army chief extended term. 3 years.

5. CJ of Pakistan before khosa: Saqib Nisar

6. Which country fired missiles on USA troops in Iraq. Iran 

7. Peace agreement of Muslim countries with Israel. Jordan and the UAE.

8. Total verses in surah Ikhlas Four

9. Surah Alaq arrangement number. 96 

10.Holy Prophet PBUH birth year 571. 

11 last ghazwa. Tabook

12 title of saif ullah. Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid

13 Shimla conference ended in 

14 one unit abolished in. 1970

15. How many general seats are merge in
N. A 16

16. Longest continuous space flight 328 days by   Jessica Meir. 

17. Current Secretary of OIC Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen.

18. Amount for Kamyab Program is 10 Billion. 

19. Pakistan will receive 6 Billion from IMF in three consecutive years. 

20. 17th amendment in Constitution ratified by president on 31 Dec 2003.

NAB ordinance questions in batch 1

21.president can make rules under which section 34 B

22.Arrest of Accused under  section  24 A 

23.chairman NAB can be removed under which section. 

24. the code year 1898.

25.Nominee, the receiver is termed benamidar or associates or both. Both

26.chairman NAB is appointed through which section 5e 

27.Accountability court judge is appointed by whom. President

28.conditions to appoint Accountability judge 

29.deputy chairman NAB performs under which section. 

30.prosecutor general Accountability is appointed by President with the consultation of Chairman NAB

31.corruption and corrupt practices which section 9

32.how many years of Vigorous punishment of corruption 10 years

33.freezing of property is under which
section 12 

Test your current affairs by this QUIZ


34.witness is protected under which section 

35.Disqualification to hold public office for how many years. 10 years

36.Transfer of cases is under which section

37.bonus to NAB employees is under which section 

38.section 26 is for Tender of Pardon 

39 how many years of imprisonment for prohibitions to hamper the investigation. 10 years

40. The interpretation means۔۔۔inferenace

41-The person belonging naturally to a place; originating from a place۔۔۔۔۔indigenous

42. marriage is not common
1. Arrange 2.  Arranged

43. Her ،،  stay caused۔۔۔۔۔
1-Extend 2- extended

FPSC SST today solved Paper

Batch 1 held on 20th September 2020 English and Professional test Pedagogy MCQs. For Complete MCQs


1. Burgher? Ans Citizen
2. Abominable? Ans Disgusting
3. Asphyxiation? Ans Suffocate
4. Bestir? Ans Rouse
5. Cogent? Ans  convincing


6. Concern? anxiety
7. Ingenious? unimaginative
8. Inherit? leave
9. Invaluable=?
10. Lure? Deter

*Grammar Usage*

11. He swore __to__God.
The desired ends that guide organizational behavior are *goals*

2. Everyone suffers in the organization when management and employees work towards *different* goals.

3. Spearman brown formula is used to compute: *test-retest reliability*

4. Teacher describes the relationship between effort and success is a: *motivator*

5. Which stage of Piaget's tells object permanence: *sensorimotor*

6. Punishment: *reforms the offender*

7. Each employee is responsible to one manager: *unity of command*

8. Which is not the function of management: *advising*

FPSC, SST Original Paper. All subject past papers available PDF free.
Today test, the English portion 👇👇👇

FPSC AD NAB paper batch 1 , 2 and 3  | SST original paper September 2020

FPSC AD NAB paper batch 1 , 2 and 3  | SST original paper September 2020

1. Burgher = Citizen
2. Abominable= Disgusting
3. Asphyxiation= Suffocate
4. Bestir= Rouse
5. Cogent= convincing

6. Concern= anxiety
7. Ingenious= unimaginative
8. Inherit= leave
9. Invaluable=?
10. Lure= Deter

*Grammar Usage*

11. He swore __to__God.
12. He spoke these words __on__ his face.
13. They ran ___directly___ to their college.
14. It is useless __to cry__ now.
15. *Crowded* with nervous pets, the vet's office...... Here crowded is an adjective.
16. She was reading a *sad* story. Here sad is an adjective.
17. *Then* he decided to leave. Here then is an adverb
18. She slipped *on* the floor, on is a preposition.
19. I have two cars *but* neither are air-conditioned. But is a conjunction.
20. The politician *depended only on his instincts.*



1. Which country joined Pakistan in SCO? INDIA 

2. Which year is declared as Plant health Year? 2020

3. Who is the youngest bowler to hold a record of a hat trick? Naseem shah

4. Pakistan bough Gwadar from? Oman

5. PM addresses UN in 2019 on? 18 Sep

6. UK left EU formally on? 21st January

7. Which country is the largest producer of weapons? US

8. Objective resolution was passed on? 12 march 1949

9. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy? Faiz Ahmad Faiz

10. Ghazwa Badar was fought in which Hijri? 2 A.H

11. Zulqarnain is mention in which surah?al kahf

12. Which surah starts without Bismillah?Toba

13. The name of prophet Muhammad PBUH is mentioned how many times in Quran? 4

14. Imam Bukhari was born in? 143 A.H

15. Army Act 2020 was passed on?31jan 2020

16. Which organization released the Gender Gap Index 2019? UN women

17. Which country recently changed its guardianship laws i.e. allowing women to go out alone without males? Saudi Arabia

18. Ka'abah was built by which prophet? Hazrat Ibrahim A.S

19. FATA merge in Pakistan?

20. One question related to sexual harassment? India 

21. Current national assembly of Pakistan? 14th

22. Swat became the state of Pakistan?

24. How many times Hazrat Muhammad PBHU mentioned in Holy Qur'an? 4

25hat percentage of total polled votes in East Pakistan was secured by Awami League in 1970 elections? 75 %

26. Under Yahya’s LFO, what option National Assembly had if it couldn’t frame the constitution within 120 days? President will dissolve it

27. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case? Faiz Ahmed Faiz

28. How many Muslim seats were secured by the All India Muslim League in the 1945-46 Election of Provincial assemblies? 425

29. ho drafted "Wardha Scheme" under the guidGandhif Gandhi? Dr. Hussain Hussain

30. Under the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 Pakistan has the right to use exclusively the water of? Chenab, Jhelum, and Indus

31. Wit to regard the division of power between Federation and Provinces the Constitution of Pakistan (1962) was provided with: Two lists of subjects

AD NAB Batch-3 MCQs Paper 😊

1 .Liaqat Ali Khan(16 Oct 1951) Assassination date?

2.Pakistan Poverty & Hunger Index (94th)

3.Making of Pakistan book written by? None of These (K.K Aziz)

4 Which Arab country was first to abolish the kafala system? (Qatar)

5.Simon commission date? (3 Feb 1928)

6.Which lord ordered the partition of Bengal? Lord Curzon

7.Separate electorate for Muslims in which act? (1909)

8.Pakistan ambassador to china? (nahgmana )

9.DG ISI? (Gen. Faiz Hameed)

10.Which royal couple of UK left Royal Family? (Meghan and Charles)

11 How much Pak & Kashmiri in 2019 Parliament in UK?(15)

12 Which Muslim country banned wearing the veil in the workplace?(Tunisia)

13 Aam ul Huzn which nabvi (10Th Nabvi)?

14 First revealed book? Trait

15 No. of ayat in Surah Baqrah? 286

16 Abu turab is Title of? Hazrat Ali

17 Sulah hudaibya was written by? Hazrat Ali

18 which. cricket team visited Pakistan in Sep and Oct 2019? Sri Lanka

19.To which country President Trump paid Thanksgiving visit? Afghanistan

20 Who represented Pak in World Refugees forum in.Geneva? Imran Khan

21 Youngest Prime minister?Sana Marine

22 Teen of Decade by UN? Malala Yousafzai

23 Article 370? the special status of Kashmir

24 Free visa between Pakistan and India Kartarpur Corridor

25 Communal award at the end 3rd round table conference

26 Length of Durand line? 2252

27 Who was Afghanistan's twice-elected president: Ashraf Ghani

28 Birthplace of Imam Hanbal RA? Bagdad

29 Kitab ul Khiraj was written by?  Abū Yusūf

30 Tafsir Tabari was written by? Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari

31 No. of idols in Kaaba? 360

32 RCD abolished in 1979

33 Usher 1/10

34 Pakistan forest institution founded in 1947

35.27th  CJ of SUPREME COURT Gulzar Ahmed

36. Mehvish Hayat.Tamgha Imtiaz

37 China Pak afghan 3rd trilateral meeting .china

38 Torkham border 24/7 was an operation on .sep 2019

39 Reached dark side of moon .china


smallest prime number?

2 digits number divisible by 6 from 1-100?

x-y = 10 and x^2-y^2 = 34 what is value of x+y?

average of the first 100 even numbers?

5 subjects average was given and to achieve an overall average of 75 how much marks needed in the 6th subject?

out of 150 students, 60 are Male. what is the percentage of female students?

out of 35, 12 students are girls what is the percentage of boys?

what is the value of (x +1/x)^2 - (x- 1/x)2 ?

if a company hires 100 employees and it. decreases it by 10 % due to.corona how much percentage they need to increase to again achieve the same number of employees?

If y is proportional to x and y=4 and x=12, then what will be the value of y when x=18?

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