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Download NAB ordinance 1999 mcqs for FPSC test Assistant Director NAB

Download NAB ordinance 1999 MCQs for FPSC test Assistant Director NAB

I have added sample MCQs for the NAB ordinance 1999 for the assistant director NAB test by FPSC.

At the end of the post, I will add a download link for a complete MCQs pdf file of nab ordinance.

1. There is an emergent need for the recovery of outstanding amounts from those persons who have committed default in the repayment of amounts to
(a) Banks
(b) Governmental agencies
(c) a&b

(d) Banks Financial Institutions, Governmental Agencies, and other agencies

National Accountability Ordinance 1999 is always part of the FPSC test related to NAB.

2. WHEREAS it is expedient and necessary to provide for effective measures for the involving corruption, corrupt practices, misuse or abuse of power or authority, misappropriation of property, taking of kickbacks, commissions and for matters connected

(a) Detection and investigation
(b) prosecution and speedy disposal of cases

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(c) both a & b

I have also attached a pdf file download link from where you can download NAB ordinance MCQs in pdf.

3. National Accountability Ordinance is an Ordinance to provide for the setting up of national Accountability Bureau so as to,

(a) eradicate corruption
(b) eradicate corrupt practices
(c) hold accountable all those persons accused of corruption and corrupt practice

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(e) all of these

Download complete MCQs file of nab ordinance in pdf

4. there is an urgent need to educate them about the causes and effects of corruption and those practices and to implement policies for the prevention of corruption in the

(a) Society √
(b) Public Servants
(c) Politicians
(d) Institutions in the country

Download NAB ordinance 1999 mcqs for FPSC test Assistant Director NAB

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5. This Ordinance may be called the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 (No.of 1999)
(a) XVI
(b) XVII
(C) XVI √
(d) XV

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6. There is an increased international awareness that nations should co-operate in combating corruption and seek, obtain, or give_in matters concerning corruption and for matters connected, ancillary or incidental thereto
(a) Support
(C) Aid
(d) Benefit

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(b) Mutual legal assistance

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7. WHEREAS there is an urgent need for the recovery of misappropriated or removed such money or assets through corruption, corrupt practices, and misuse
of power or authority
(a) State money and property
(c) State money

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(b) State money and other assets from those persons who have

We have written only seven MCQs in written form but here is a pdf file where you can get a complete pdf file of nab ordinance MCQs.
This file contains ads so you have to be patient we know it's difficult to download but it will cover all nab related MCQs:

Link for pdf download


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