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Download exploring the world of English grammar Book by syed saadat shah PDF

Download exploring the world of English grammar by Syed Saadat shah

Respectable seniors and friends a few days ago I had posted a thread " three English Grammar Books recommended by FPSC for CSS " in which I asked friends to share books through email because that I did not know to convert files into pdf links but now I am thankful to my honorable senior "shooting Star" who learnt me the art to convert files into pdf links for easy downloading. request you to remember me in your prayers as I could share something more...

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There is not a single book which can cover both subjects of English.
For English Precis & Composition buy this book
English (grammar & composition)
Written by CSP Hafiz Karimdad Chughatai
Published by Caravan publishers


1- Tenses
2- Narration
3- Precis
4- Comprehension
5- Translation
6- Grammar
7- Vocabulary (GRE 4000 words)
8- Correction
9- Grouping of words
10- Pair of words
11- Idiom and phrases
12- Synonyms
13- Antonyms
14- One-word substitute

It has past papers in English as well. New ones can be retrieved from this forum. Along with contents and past papers, it also has practice exercises. It is enough for English Precis & Composition.
There is no stuff about essay writing and also no sample essays. Above mentioned things are important for essay writing especially grammar and tenses. Rest vocabulary will build up with time.

Check the essay section of this forum. Read a guide about essay writing. Choose 1 topic to gather material. Make an outline of 1-2 pages and practice writing. Write 1 essay per week (At least). One can only prepare 10-30 essays by this method until examination. No one can really anticipate topics of coming exams but you need to choose topics. 

Choose wisely from past papers as well as current affairs topics. This is only a practice to learn techniques to attempt an essay. After preparing all your subjects you will have enough information to write one essay in the examination. 

So, there is no need to cram anything for that purpose. Information will come to your mind at the right time and material gathering for essays is only required at the beginner stage. FPSC is discouraging crammed essays and giving topics in which aspirants can show their own creativity and skills.

Exploring the world of English grammar 
By Saadat shah

Download exploring the world of English grammar Book by syed saadat shah PDF



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