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Download Current Affairs Notes 2020-2021 | Most important Current Affairs issues for CSS PMS CCE

Download Current Affairs Notes 2020-2021 

Current Affairs for CSS 2021 PMS CCE  and all commission exams.

Current Affairs is the only subject that does not have any constant syllabus, it changes with respect to time and political situation of the world. So, we thought to upload one pdf file which includes all national and international issues in detail.

A quick read of Current Affairs 2020 for CSS And other competitive exams

Candidates can also download the latest edition of the monthly updated current affairs magazine Jahangir's World Times (JWT Magazine) 

link: https://www.nowtodayjobs.com/2020/10/download-jwt-magazine-october-2020-in.html 

Contents of the file for the competitive exam CSS PMS CCE 2021:

CONTENTS of file Current Affairs 2021 notes
1. How Balochistan became a part of Pakistan?
2. Balochistan: Heart of Doval doctrine
3. Global terror map
4. Kashmir and freedom
5. Inflation in Pakistan
6. Islamophobia wave in the West
7. Everyone wants a piece of Afghanistan

These are the most recommended topics recommend by top position holders. These topics will also help you in covering other subjects of CSS PMS and CCE.

8. India-Pakistan tension: Is there a role for SAARC?
9. Politics of language 10. Power of knowledge
11. INF Treaty and the International Law
12. The Next Stage of the Korean Peace Process
13. The Israel nexus

14. Corruption and Incompetence

It may be possible that these are repeated topics in other subjects of PMS CCE and CSS.

15. The Seeds of Intolerance
16. Woman under different civilizations and religions

Below given topics will also ensure you good marks in Pakistan affairs and other related subjects.

17. What constitutes power?
18. What should determine Pakistan's foreign policy?
19. Strengthening democratic norms

Current Affairs for CSS 2021 Candidates

CONTENTS of file Current Affairs 2020 notes CSS CCE PMS

Algeria's belated Arab Springs
The Sino-US trade war's Forum
Back to the Afghan Future 
Indo-Pak: economy and diplomacy
Trump's Real Foreign Policy 

We have shortlisted the most important topics of Current Affairs for CSS 2021 CCE 2021 PMS 2021 because if you want to get better marks you should have a good grip on current affairs issues. Meanwhile, this subject will cover your 50% CSS PMS and cce exam.

Future of North Korean nuclear program
Balochistan & Fifth generation warfare
When free speech is truly free copyrights

War and the economy

Pakistan's natural gas crisis
Pakistan's Population Threat
Return of Imperialism
'Urdu medium'
Urbanisation in Pakistan

Current Affairs for CSS 2021 Candidates

Volume - IV
Contemporary Issues

CONTENTS of file Current Affairs 2020 notes
Balochistan: A powder keg at a geopolitical crossroads
UN feudalism and outstanding issues
Constitution-making in Pakistan and its interruptions
Education System of Pakistan
Education for growth

CSS AND PMS are the two biggest exams of Pakistan. CCE is also like CSS. All these three exams are interlinked through the syllabus.

Pakistan and China through the lens of CPEC
Why climate change just got real?
A new world era
Future of ethical journalism
Why democracy is worth fighting for?
Women empowerment reforms

Current Affairs is also helpful in international Relations Pakistan Affairs and other CSS PMS cce subjects.

Pakistan's water scarcity versus water mismanagement
Shaping Pakistan's future
The real costs of (by Stephen Cohen)
These are also the most repeated topics for CSS PMS AND CCE examinations as they cover general issues.

The other form of terrorism
Deterrence and South Asia
Islamophobia: Causes and cures
Future Water Wars

Vocabulary is the main task for covering any subject. CSS essay or composition papers based on your vocabulary.
Vocabulary for CSS Beginners

Download Current Affairs Notes 2020-2021 | Most important Current Affairs issues for CSS PMS CCE

CSS Current Affairs 2020 all volumes download

Current Affairs 2020:

All Volumes

Current Affairs 2020 download Link:


Download Current Affairs Notes 2020-2021 | Most important Current Affairs issues for CSS PMS CCE

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