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Current Affairs 2020 mcqs for fpsc spsc nts iba tests

Current Affairs Mcqs 2020 for fpsc patrol officer custom inspector assistant director appraising and valuation officer, spsc lecturers, iba junior office associate, and other tests

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12. On which date, Pak Army inducted AI Khalid-I main battle tank in Armoured Corps Regiment?
A. April 22, 2020
B. March 28, 2020
C. February 25, 2020
D. July 28, 2020

13. Which among the following countries changed the status of Hagia Sophia from Museum to
Mosque after 86 years?
B. Turkey √
C. Indonesia
D. Malaysia

14. Name the Pakistan-born scientist who has become the first international female vice president of
the biology and medicine section at Germany's prestigious Max Planck Society?
A. Nida Malik
B. Huma Khan
C. Sidra Saleem
D. Asifa Akhtar √

15. Which among the following countries won the air blockade case at UN court (ICJ)?
A. Bahrain
B. Iran
D. Qatar √

16. Name the British-Lebanese Lawyer who has won this year's Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award?
A. Amal Clooney √
C. Barbara Walters
D. Robin Roberts
B. Caroline Jones

17. On July 16, 2020, Pakistan signed Accord related to preventing international child abduction with
which country?
D. France
A. Russia
B. United States √

18. On July 20, 2020, Which Country among the Arabs became the first country to launch space
mission "Hope" to Mars?
B. Oman
C. UAE √
D. Qatar

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19. Which among the following countries Representative has been elected as head of UN Economic
and Social Council?
C. France
D. India
A. Iran
B. Pakistan √

20. Name Pakistan's Scrabble Champion who clinched the online scrabble championship organized in
the US?
A. Sadiq Baloch
B. Zahid Raisani
C. Abdullah Khan
D. Waseem Khatri √

21. Name the Russian President who has won the recently polled presidential elections, and will
remain president of Russia till 2036?
A. Sergio Zlatan
B. Dmitry Medvedev √
C. Vladimir Putin
D. Boris Yeltsin

22. Name the conflict which relates to war between Armenia and Azerbaijan?
A. Moro conflict
B. The Cold War
C. The Crusades
D. Nagorno-Karabakh
conflict √

23. Which nation has dropped India from Chabahar Rail Project?
B. Afghanistan
A. Iran √
C. Pakistan
D. China

24. On 17 July 2020, With which country Pakistan signed an agreement for the 700 MW Azad Pathan
Hydel Power Project on the Jhelum River?
B. Japan
C. China √
A. Sweden
D. Hungary

1. Which among the following countries has ordered the phased removal of Chines telecom Giant
Huawei from its 5G network?
A. Japan
B. UK √
D. France

2. Who among the following has become The new President of the South American country Suriname?
A. David Cerroni
B. Andrew Jackson
C. James Madison
D. Chandrika
Santoshi √

3. Which among the following country's prime minister passed away recently?
A. Japan
B. Tajikistan
C. Indonesia
D. Ivory Coast √

4. who has been named as South African cricketer of the for the second time?
A. Kagiso Rabada
B. Dayle Styrene
C. AB Devillier

5. On July 26, 2020, the government of Japan allowed the temporary import of which fruit from
A. Mangoes √
B. Orange
C. Apple
D. Banana

6. WHO declared which two countries as measles free countries?
B. UK and the US
A. India and Nepal
C. Japan and Malaysia
D. Sri Lanka and the
Maldives √

7. Google Parental organization Alphabet launched Balloon internet Service in which among the
following Countries?
A. Kenya √
B. Bangladesh
C. Japan
D. South Korea

8. Which Nation banned Indian news channels over border disputes?
B. Pakistan
C. Nepal √
D. China
A. Iran

9. Which Nation to take Russia to the European Court of Human Rights for its role in bringing down
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine on July 17, 2014?
B. France
A. Germany
D. Netherland √

10. Which among the following countries has launched the underground ballistic missile in response
to the US, during military exercise?
A. China
B. Iran √
C. North Korea
D. Russia

11. Name the Malaysian Ex-PM who has been sentenced to 12 years in jail over 1Malaysia
Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal?
A. Mahathir
B. Anwar Ibrahim
C. Najib Razak √
D. Ismail Abdul Rahman

25. Who has been appointed as the first woman Prime Minister of Gabon?
B. Elisabeth Domitien
A. Agatha Barbara
C. Isabel Martinez
D. Christiane
Ramonda √

26. Name the first chief justice of Islamabad High Court and former Judge of Supreme Court, who has
died on 20 July 2020?
A. Adeel Akhtar
M C. Safdar Warraich
D. Zafar ULLAH
B. Sardar Aslam √

27. Name the Chinese who first successfully launched an independent mission to mars which took place
on 23 July 2020?
A. Exploring Mars
B. Tianwen-1 √
C. Chang'e 1
D. Toward Mars

28. Which among the following countries has conducted a successful flight test of 3D-Printed Gas
turbine aircraft engine named as MGTD-20?
A. Russia √
B. Germany
D. Canada

29. Recently which country has been granted the "Observer" status by the World Trade Organization
(WTO) General Council?
A. Azerbaijan
B. Afghanistan
C. Turkmenistan √
D. Sudan

30. According to the US Nuclear Index, Pakistan ranked at which number of nuclear security index?
в. 19 √
с. 16
A. 30
D. 22

31. World hepatitis day was observed on which date?
B, 28 July 2020
C. 25 April 2020
D. 23 March 2020
A. 22 February 2020

32. What was the theme of World hepatitis day 2020?
A. Save The world
B. Care For Family
C. Love Each other
D. Find
Millions √

33. On which date the "International Day of Nelson Mandela" is celebrated every year?
A. 22 July 2020
B. 15 April 2020
C. 24 June 2020
D. 18 July 2020

34. Which Arab country to host the 22nd edition of FIFA World Cup 2022?
B. Oman
C. Qatar √

35. Which nation has extended coronavirus quarantine period from 7 to 10 days for COVID tested
positive Patients?
A. UK √
B. Japan
C. Malaysia
D. Singapore

36. Who won the first Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity?
A. Amika George
B. Malala Yousafzai
C. Greta Thunberg √
D. Madison Kimrey

37. Which Provincial government has banned over 100 textbooks for containing 'objectionable"
Ans: Punjab

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Current Affairs 2020 mcqs for fpsc spsc nts iba tests

Current Affairs 2020 mcqs for fpsc spsc nts iba tests

Current Affairs 2020 mcqs for fpsc spsc nts iba tests

Current Affairs 2020 mcqs for fpsc spsc nts iba tests

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