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Best Ranked Insurance companies in World 2021 | Basic Insurance details for beginners

Top Insurance companies in World | Best Insurance ranked company 2021

Nowadays no one is completely safe against extreme damages caused by different hazards. To fulfill these damages insurance companies provide you safety against these damages for a relatively very small amount of money.

Before investing some amount in insurance, usually, some questions arise in our minds. Today we will also discuss these frequently asked questions about insurance.

First of all ;

What is Insurance?

The simple definition of Insurance is financial protection against various risks. The Insurance provider is known as an Insurer or Insurance company. You will gain complete protection against huge risks, in exchange for a relatively small amount.

Insurance is a contract and a means of protection from financial loss. Some examples of huge losses like the burning of houses and serious accidents.


Insurance is a legally binding (contract) between an insurance provider company and you (client). The whole insurance contract is represented by a policy of receiving financial protection against losses caused to the client.

Which type of Insurance suits you?

The most obvious next question will be "What type of insurance will best serve your needs". In order to get the right amount of insurance coverage you also have to make sure that the premiums fit comfortably into your budget.

Insurance Benefits:

Nothing is more important than life. If you are getting life insurance it means you are protecting your life by paying some amount of money.

Top Ranked Insurance Companies in World | List of Top Insurance companies 2021

So, here is a detailed list of the top 05 globally acclaimed best insurance provider companies 

We will give you a brief introduction with some financial details about the world's top five insurance companies.

1. UnitedHealth Group (US)

2. Ping An Insurance Group ( Company of China Ltd. )

Allianz SE and Prudential Financial jumped ahead of AXA S.A

3. AXA S.A. (France)

4. China Life Insurance Group Company (China)

5. Kaiser Foundation Group of Health Plans (US)

BestLink data conducts yearly surveys about Insurance companies' benefits and a number of clients. The below-given rankings are based on BestLink survey data and our expert's research.

1. UnitedHealth Insurance Group

Recently AM Best has revealed top insurers in the world. UnitedHealth an American US Insurance Company has been ranked 1st by AM Best. So, UnitedHealth USA Insurance Company is declared as the largest Insurance Company in the world.

UnitedHealth Group took the top spot for the sixth straight year with $189.7 billion.

2. Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd. (China)

Ping An of China, full name Ping An Insurance Company of China, Ltd is the world's 2nd Largest Insurance Company.
Some researched details about PING AN INSURANCE GROUP:
Stock price601318 (SHA)
CEO of Ping An Insurance Company is Ma Mingzhe.
Ping an Insurance Company Founded: March 21, 1988.
Revenue: 683.2 billion CNY (2020)
Headquarters of Ping a China Insurance Company is in Shenzhen, China.

Total assets: CN¥8.486 trillion (2020)

Several employees: Approx. 190,000.

3. AXA S.A. (France)

French multinational insurance firm. The head office is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. AXA is the world's 3rd largest Insurance Company.

Number of employees: 120,869 (2020)

Numbers will be updated with the authentic source.

Operating income: €4.20 billion (2019)

Income changes daily of this Insurance Company.
Here are the total assets of AXA french Insurance Company.

Total assets: €780.9 billion (2019).
This French Insurance Company AXA founded in 1816; 205 years ago.

Website of AXA: www.axa.com

4. China Life Insurance Group Company (China)

China Life is the biggest life insurer in China in terms of total assets but has experienced economic difficulty in the past years. 

China Life Insurance Company Founded in 1949; 72 years ago (as PICC).

Revenue of China Life Insurance Company is 768,438,310,000 renminbi (2018). 

The total Assets of China Life Insurance Company is $362.1 billion (2015).

Employees in China Life Insurance Company:  99,739
China Life has more than 600,000 agents nationwide.

5. Kaiser Foundation Group of Health Plans (US)

Kaiser Foundation Group of Health Plans (US) is based in Oakland, California, United States.
Kaiser Foundation founded in 1945 by two great personalities, industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and physician Sidney Garfield.
Kaiser Permanente is made up of three interdependent groups which are

1. The Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (KFHP)

2. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

3. Regional Permanente Medical Groups

According to the 2020 research, 

Kaiser Foundation Insurance Company Revenue is 8 billion.

The number of employees in Insurance Company Kaiser Foundation is 304,885 employees.

The list will be updated with the passage of time. So, in this brief but informative blog, you came to know about the definition of insurance. 

What is insurance?
Life Insurance and World's Five largest Insurance Companies. 

Term insurance is the safety of your assets. There are other types of Insurance top six types, Six (06) different types of Insurance are; 

1.Life Insurance or Personal Insurance 

2.Property Insurance

3. Marine Insurance

4. Fire Insurance

5.Liability Insurance

6. Guarantee Insurance

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Five Types of Insurance Everyone Should Have

1 - Health Insurance

Health Insurance coverage usually pays for Surgical, Medical, or other drugs. Make sure you're covered in the event of a medical emergency. whether a Surgery or doctor's appointment. Health Insurance deals with the reimbursement of medical bills caused by illness prescribed in policy.

2 - Car Insurance

The name of this type of insurance is already telling you the whole story. From collision insurance to liability insurance, there are numerous types of car insurance to choose from that cover different scenarios.

3 - Homeowners or Renters Insurance

Keep your belongings and property safe with either homeowners or renters insurance, depending on your living situation.

4 - Life Insurance

if you have a family, keep them protected with life insurance that
will keep them financially stable if you pass before your time.

5 - Disability Insurance

Disability insurance will reimburse you for lost income if you were
to succumb to an injury or illness that prevents you from working.

Insurance is categorized based on risk, type, and hazards.

In our next blog we will discuss the following topics of Insurance:

Types of business insurance:

Business Insurance will keep you safe against business risks. we will provide a complete guide on business insurance in near future.

Types of Insurance companies in India

Types of insurance:

We have already mentioned complete details about Insurance definition and types of Insurance.

Types of insurance policy

How many types of insurance

3 types of insurance 

Types of insurance in the USA

Definitions of different types of insurance

Types of insurance Class 11

Types of insurance

Insurance meaning and types?

Different types of Insurance have already been discussed above.

What Insurance company?

which provides you with insurance is called the insurance company.

What is an insurance PDF?

The book begins with basic information on the various types of insurance.

Importance of insurance

Insurance is LIFE. Now you can imagine its importance.

Benefit s of insurance.

Nothing is more important than life. If you are getting life insurance it means you are protecting your life by paying some amount of money.

The insurance company will pay the whole amount caused by the hazard.

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